The most amazing thing just happened.... So I'm driving home from dropping off my beyond fabulous trainer Johanna (who had just finished kicking my butt working out at the park) and something tells me to go a way that I don't usually go (Insert suspensful music here.)  I'm sitting in my truck waiting at a light at a pretty busy intersection, when I hear a woman yell and I see a dog dart out into the street and almost get hit by an oncoming car.  Everything stops.


I'm about 6 and Missy, my grandmother's blind dog, who I love but can't even pet because I'm deathly allergic, darts out into the street and get's hit by a car and dies.


So here I am at this light and see this dog (who by the way is Missy's twin) dart out and escape death by a mini-millimeter.  Then the woman who yelled who was running after it, which I assumed was it's owner, almost gets hit trying to catch the dog.  My gut screams to me, "Give her a ride," So I pull up and say hop in let's go chase it and she does (Definitely not something we typically do in Brooklyn, NY.)

Alliya, (which I come to find out is her name but is NOT the dog's owner) and I travel down 6th Avenue for a bit asking peeps as we go by if they'd seen the black dog and they point in the same direction we are going, so we continue.  We ask a woman who is standing on a corner and she says, "It went up that block," and points to the adjacent street which is a one way street going the opposite way, so we have to square the block.  Finally, driving down that street we see the dog sitting on a stoop looking a bit shakey and scared.

Alliya, hops out and approaches the dog calmly and holds her by the collar which is awesome because I am allergic so I couldn't have done that without having a bad reaction.  We notice the collar and she reads it to me because she doesn't have a cell phone on her but I do ( are we seeing the magic here?)  I call the first number and get an answering machine and then I call the second number and a woman picks up the phone.

"I first want to say that your dog is fine but seems to have gotten loose and is here with me, " I say.  "Wait, What? Oh my God, I'm in Missouri, Oh my God," she responds.  "Gracie, (the dogs name) is fine and safe," I reiterate.  "Myself and another woman chased after her.... I continue to tell her the story which includes the address that we ended up.  "That's our home!" She exclaims, "She must have gotten loose from where she is staying while we are away and ran (intuitively) home.  (Now I was choking back the tears - talk about a Lifetime Movie waiting to happen.)  She then takes my number and asks, "Will you stay with her until I can have someone get her from you?"  We say, "Of course."

Several minutes later, after a phone conversation with the woman's friend who says she is on her way with a leash, the woman calls back and says, "Thank you so much.  We are in Missouri dropping our son off at college which is very emotional for me as it is, so this is just incredible ( I can hear her choking back the tears.) Thank you, thank you," she finishes.

After the friend shows up and we are free to go, I ask Alliya if she wants a ride anywhere as we had traveled a bit of a distance chasing Gracie, to which she quickly and gratefully accepts.  As I drive her back to where she lives she says, "Ya know what's funny?  I don't even run."  "What?" I ask, "Are you kidding? you were running break neck speed like you are a marathoner." "Ha!" she responds, "That's so funny because my boyfriend always jokes with me about how I don't run."

We sit for a minute realizing how amazing the whole thing was.  Finally she says, "I had to do something, I saw her precious little face and just had to, I love dogs.  I have one at home and I just love them."

Wow, it's amazing what can be done in the name of love.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... In everything you do, let love be your motivator and your intuition be your guide.  All it took for Gracie to be safe was a lot of intuition (on all of our parts) and the driving force of love.  With that combo, anything is possible.

Oh and PS... If you have an animal PLEASE put tags on him or her... That made all the difference in the world.

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