OK, tremendous light bulb moment. Ever read something and you're like, "oh OK," and then a while later you're like, "WHOA.... that's deep... I just got that," because it sinks in.  Well I read something a while back and while sipping my morning coffee... CLICK - light bulb on.

As you know I'm a total believer in the LOA (Law Of Attraction) and I'm on a constant quest to improve my master creator skills.  Well, this is an amazing piece to the proverbial puzzle.  OK, so with the LOA, we know that we are supposed to identify what we want and then turn our focus onto that very thing, and if we think about it and actually feel what it would feel like to have it, then theoretically it will come to us.  I definitely do believe this to be true.  However, as many of you have written to me about... The problem is not so much in figuring out what it is that you want to attract but more the imagining what it would be like to actually have that.  I hear it all the time, "Gemma, how can I imagine having something I don't have?"  Seems we (and I include myself in here) have a tendency to thwart our own fantasies with the realities of our now.  It's kinda hard to imagine myself in a Bentley when I'm having trouble paying cable right?

Well, I'm super psyched because what I read makes it easier to attract stuff because it goes deeper than just imagining that thing that you want.  It questions why you want something and then asks you to work from the inside out.  What do I mean?  I've broken it down into parts to make it simple and easy so you can start doing it right now, even if you are reading this on the sneak tip (while your boss isn't looking) from your desk at work ( I remember those days... jussayin.)

THEORY PART (I know, big ass YAWN, but don't skip it, read it anyway, it will help when you get to the examples.)

The physical things we desire usually represents a feeling or characteristic of ourselves that we are longing for.  Identifying that feeling or characteristic allows us to then give it to ourselves.  This syncs our vibration or frequency to the very thing we asked for thus, attracting it and other things that will support that feeling or characteristic.  What the hell does that mean?  Read on grasshopper, read on.

FORMULA PART - (Get paper and a pen and write this out.)

  1. What do I want?  I want ______________.
  2. What feeling or characteristic will this give me?  What will it fulfill in me?  I will be ____________ if I have it.
  3. How can I give myself more ____________ (same word as in sentence 2) in my life right now and without ______(same word as in sentence 1)?

HINT... Don't worry about answering number 3 yet, just write it out, in a few, I will tell you how, but first, let me give you an example...



  1. What do I want?  I want money .
  2. What feeling or characteristic will this give me?  What will it fulfill in me?  I will be  safe and secure if I have it.
  3. How can I give myself more safety and security in my life right now and without  money?

Another example (because I like examples... they make me understand stuff better)


  1. What do I want?  I want a partner .
  2. What feeling or characteristic will this give me?  What will it fulfill in me?  I will be  loved and worthy if I have it.
  3. How can I give myself more love and self-worth in my life right now and without  a partner ?


This is where you answer number 3 - How can I give myself more of that feeling or characteristic I have now identified?  Well first of all, just realizing what's missing will inspire you and make you feel hopeful, remember recognition is always the first step.  Next you have to find that feeling.  Take yourself back in your mind to a time, event, even just a moment, when you felt that feeling.  Focus there.  Expand the feeling, make it bigger, as big as you can.  Try to really feel it, I mean really really REALLY feel it as if it were happening now.  Do this over and over, keep doing it tomorrow and the next day and the next, as much as you get the chance to and especially when you feel the opposite of how you want to.  This simple exercise (just finding and focusing on that feeling) will start to replenish that "void" you are trying to fill with that thing (money, partner, whatever it was you originally wanted) - you see, that physical thing is just the indicator of what is actually missing (BIG LIGHT BULB for me... HUGE!)

So what happens next?


You start seeing results.  You will (and sometimes immediately) start noticing more things appearing in your life that will begin to support that feeling or characteristic that you are searching for.  And what does that look like?  Well, maybe you are searching for safety and security so you find and focus on a time, event or moment when you felt safe and secure.  Suddenly a meeting you were dreading gets canceled leaving you free for the evening and coincidentally your favorite movie is on so you find yourself snuggled up safely and securely on your sofa watching it.  Or maybe you want happiness so you find and focus on a time, event or moment when you felt happy.  Suddenly you find yourself bumping into old friends or assigned to work on a project with someone really fun and cool that makes you laugh.  All I can say is things will definitely start to show up.  Now here's the best part... The more you focus on that feeling, the more these supporting moments show up and therefore the more safe and secure you feel, because you feel more safe and secure, the more you vibrate at that frequency where you will attract things that continue to make you feel safe and secure - it's the good ole snowball effect.  So guess what happens next... You got it, here comes that money or that partner that you originally asked for.  Yep, that's right, it's easier and quicker for them to find their way to you because you are vibrating on that same frequency.  So the big light bulb in a nutshell... Get yourself to the frequency and what you want has to come to you, work from the inside out.

Seriously peeps, how freakin exciting is this?

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