So my GIP's and I sat around the other night at another impromptu soiree at my place and were talking about my recent blog post, "A Complete Turnover," and how I ignored a major "Stepping Stone because of preconceived notions I had about clinics.  Julie (a friend of my best friend Tracy) asked, "What is a stepping stone?" I gave her my definition (see "Stepping Stones,")  I explained to her that I ignored one because I was so opposed to the idea of going to a clinic.  Furthermore, I'd totally convinced myself that my gut was telling me that a clinic was a bad idea when in actuality it was fear speaking.  Tracy then posed the question, "Well, how do you know if you are ignoring a stepping stone or honoring your spirit?"  And Julie chimed in with, "Yeah... sometimes I don't know if it's a gut instinct (to not do something) or if it's fear cause they can both kinda feel the same."  "Wow... great questions!" I said to them both.  "Guys...I'm gonna blog it and see what peeps thoughts are."  Thanx Tracy.  Thanx Julie. SCENERIO

Sue is single and ready to settle down.  "Online dating," a notion that she is adamantly opposed to,  has been presented to her in numerous ways.  11954322131712176739question_mark_naught101_02.svg.medWhile Sue has nothing against it for others, she has some negative preconceived judgments when it comes to herself.  A few of her friends are so adamant about her trying it that it has resulted in a few heated arguments.  At some point, in fairness, while she still refuses to try it, Sue goes through a period of questioning her own judgments.  During this period, however, she witnesses friends who are "online dating," the majority of whom are having negative experiences.  This only feeds into her pre-conceived notions and she is now convinced that not only is it not for her, but that experiencing what her friends did, may actually be detrimental to her spirit.  On the other hand Sue wonders if it's just fear of how she'll look to others, what she may have to go through, or worse that she may have been fooling herself this whole time. Sue is now completely confused. She no longer can discern if it's a gut feeling that is saying it's wrong for her or if it is fear.


When you feel something is wrong, how can you tell if it is a gut instinct or if it is fear?

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