Island Time

Hi y'all... Ok so my apologies for going missing for a week.  I went to St. Kitts with every intention to blog and actually wrote a few entries but alas... had no internet to upload...As we know there is a reason for everything so I didn't fight it... I blogged anyway and will post what I wrote (Better late than never right?) Anyway... I'm sure somehow they will be right on time... SCENE


So I’ve been back and forth debating whether or not I should blog from St. Kitts where I’m vacationing.  And Ok I admit… I’m totally on Island time in that it is already the middle of the week and I haven’t blogged yet. I had pretty much decided today that despite having brought my laptop with me… I was just gonna play.  I would make a blog entry that said, “Playing in St. Kitts peeps, see y’all next week.  But as I’ve learned over and over, don’t plan too much because the Master Plan will ALWAYS supercede  your plan however I expect it to be.

This morning started out rocky… I had a big argument and actually contemplated returning home until Jess, one of the women I am vacationing with turned everything around for me.  Seeing me upset, she simply asked… “Do you want to be alone or do you want company.”  “You can come,” I said through my anger…so we went and got coffee and then went to the tour desk…I saw an ATV tour and contemplated just going on it by myself but Jess talked me out of it convincing me that it would only perpetuate my argument…

Oddly, I listened, no actually, I HEARD her.  So instead we decided to venture about 15 minutes down the road from the resort we are staying at to an area that the locals call “the stip,” a group of little shacks that serve food and drinks and comes alive at night.  Of course the shacks were all closed and the beach was empty but it was peaceful and there were some lounge chairs on the beach so we sat and talked and eventually my anger turned into laughter…It got hot…like equator hot, and we were salivating at the idea of jumping in the water.  Only problem was that we hadn’t brought bathing suits because we didn’t have any plan.

I don’t really remember the exact order of our jumping in.  All I can tell you is that my thought pattern was very simple…I’m hot.  I’m on vacation.  I’m goin in.  A few minutes later…I stripped down to my boxers and tank (Insert SPLASH here.)  WOOHOO! MAGNIFICENT! LIBERATING! We swam and talked for who knows how long (remember – Island time) then finally we got out and walked back…IN MY UNDERWEAR…Yup, that’s right, all the way back to the resort and then I pranced right thru the lobby…FABULOUS.  MY anger was gone and I was in a great mood, I'm glad I didn't completely close off or shut down and was able to choose a different day… Thanx Jess.

Lesson here peeps…even when things suck don't be so blinded by pride, anger and ego that you cut off your nose to spite your face.  Stay open enough to get messages especially from unexpected places and people, it can turn your whole day around.

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