Keep it Light!

Forget perfection!  Throw that idea away.  As long as you've learned, you've lived is the way that I see it.  I mean aren't we here (in this earth school) for that very reason - to learn and to grow?  So as far as I'm concerned as long as I've done that in my lifetime, I'm a success. Now let me be clear, I didn't always think like this... I used to want to be perfect. I took things way seriously and super personally, which honestly, I've found is exhausting and actually very self-centered.  It began with teaching myself that as horrifying as it may be, it's just not always "all about me,"  AUDIBLE GASP ! (For anyone who knows me, they will attest that I very readily own my inner brat, so for me, that was a big pill to swallow.) Once I convinced myself that I'm not always the center of the universe it became much easier to not take things so personally and seriously.

As a result, I began to find the perfect in the imperfect, to love and laugh at myself  especially when I stumble and bumble (which dear god I do on a regular,) and to forgive and never punish or judge myself when I screw up.  I'm all about the easy road and trust me this is, it's even kinda fun and uber entertaining.

So my friends, as you (and I) trudge thru these trenches (keeping in mind that earth is by far the hardest planet to come to,) let's make a pinky promise that we will try to find humor in our mishaps and our stumbles.  A beautiful and wise "kindred spirit" friend of mine (who I miss terribly) said it best...

"Keep it Light Gem, Keep it Light."


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