You know your friends really love you, know you well and completely support your being a psychic medium who empaths when... Tracy (my best friend) and I were hanging out the other night.  As usual I started to empath someone - take on someone else's feelings, emotions and sometimes energy... So Tracy noticing the change in my behavior (and at this point being used to my empathing) asks, "So who are you right now?"  Not yet being completely comfortable with the idea that I "become" other people, I respond in perfectly real (crass) Gemma form, "Ok, ew... that's creepy what the f#@k are you talking about? Who am I?  What the hell kinda question is that to ask somebody?"

Tracy, being my best friend for damn near 2 decades, and completely undaunted by my flippancy, calmly studied me for a moment before responding...

"Ah c'mon seriously, you don't know?  I mean even Sybil**, when asked, knew which one she was."

Perfect... Keepin it nothin but real...Damn I love my friends!

Listen up PEEPS - Surround yourself with people who really know, love and respect you for everything you are and everything you aren't.  And no matter how serious and important you feel your work is, they will keep you grounded because they will keep it real and keep it light!

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**  Sybil was the movie starring Sally Fields where she played a woman named Sybil who had split personality disorder and had 16 personalities.