So...It's high time you all meet Chrissy. Anyone who is going to know me (albeit in person, via my blog, videos, books radio or tv stuff)  will clearly come know the key players in my life.  So... you've already met my mom in an earlier blog, you know of my son JD who is peppered through many of my posts and this story is way too good not to blog, so with Chrissy's permission, I have to share it and in the meantime, I get to introduce her to you.

Chrissy is the big sister I never had, but always wanted.  Describing her is not easy because nothing does justice to the experience that is Chrissy, but I will do my best.  She is like no one else I've ever met.  She's raw, she's real, she's loving, nurturing, protective, spiritual and as Italian as they come.  She throws down in the kitchen like nothing I've ever experienced and says things with the rawest realness you will ever hear.

"Taste this Gem, you'll shoot your brains out," was one of my earliest recollections of Chrissy as she passed me one of her gazillion Italian delicacies, that she just "whips up" effortlessly.  Chrissy is a true diva in her own right and most of the time will get her way but it's like you really enjoy letting her.

I often tease here that I have had a vision of being on stage, giving a live lecture when my cell phone rings and I see it is Chrissy and say to the audience, "Excuse me everyone, that's Chrissy and Y'all know I need to take this call and the audience of course agrees."  Total boss lady she is yet one of the most loving nurturing, caring beings that i know... a hard balance to strike.  Chrissy is die-hard when it comes to family.  It's quite beautiful actually and I am honored that she considers me a part of that awesome clan. I said earlier Chrissy is uber authentic, very raw and straight to the point, super spiritual and very adamant about getting her way.  Put all those things together and you get a scene that looks like this...

A few weeks ago Chrissy, her husband Mike and their two kids were in Puerto Rico when the hurricane first hit.  Electricity went down, flights were cancelled including hers (they were supposed to fly back the following day).  Rumor had it that they may have to stay 2 additional days before getting a flight back to NY.  Chrissy was not at all happy about this because she had to get the kids ready to go off to their respective colleges.

Now she's a huge believer of, "Everything for a reason," but at the same time has a very strong intuitive gut and felt very much that they were supposed to leave the next day.  She tried to get a flight but to no avail.  The night before they were supposed to fly, she decides to call in the big guns.  She summons her father who is a Speople (Spirit people... someone who has crossed over)  who she still keeps in close contact with.  "Dad, listen to me, if you don't get us on a flight, I swear when it is my time and I cross over, the first thing I will do is KICK YOUR ASS."  Well...Despite the hotel (and the airport that morning as well, mind you) having no electricity... Chrissy & co. got 4 business class seats on the first flight back to NY that afternoon.

I LOVE IT!  AND I love my big sis for being authentically just who she is every moment of every day.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... This is the perfect example of how our Speeps can stay very active in our lives if we let them and how we should never change our relationship with them just because they have crossed over.  I often say that if my son ever suddenly came out of his room and said, "Oh heavenly mother," instead of, "Yo ma," I'd ask him what the hell he's been smoking.  Chrissy didn't treat her dad any differently than she would have had he still been here in the physical, she was just who she is.  Trust me please... Your relationship can continue on if you just open yourself up and allow it and don't change one bit.  Thanks Chrissy for showing us how it's done.

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