Law of Attraction

"I want the perfect apartment for JD and I, in Park Slope Brooklyn, that fits my budget and is conducive to my spiritual work.  I do NOT want to make even one phone call and I want to be led by EASY stepping stones and I want it as quickly as possible.  I want it to be better than I can even fathom!" My sublet was coming to an end and I would have to find a place, but the idea of going on a major search apartment to apartment was worse to me than eating fish eyes and lima beans.  I had been reading one of the "Law of Attraction" books by Esther and Jerry Hicks (FANTABULOUS - I highly recommend ALL of them) and was trying to employ the law by asking for what I wanted and expecting it to show up.  I would not focus on what I didn't have but instead on what i wanted.  At first when I heard my own request, I thought, "Damn Gem, that's a tall order, but immediately checked myself knowing that I surely wouldn't get what I asked if I so obviously negated it.  See, that's where we hold ourselves back, we get all practical and think things are impossible so we don' t ask for them.  I've learned however that as Nike says, "Impossible is nothing."  And anyway, what do I have to lose by trying.  If I'm going to ask THEM fro help, why not ask for "the impossible."

"Ok so I gave your name to the guy at the real estate office where I got my apartment because I..." DELETE - Sometimes bestie, Tracy, goes on and on (despite my request for leaving a BRIEF voice message - bless her yappy little heart) so I just call her instead and demand the readers digest version.  "OK," she says, "So they never gave me my lease when I moved in to the apartment building, so I called to ask them to send it to me and I told them that my friend is looking for an apartment.  About 4 months prior, Tracy had gotten a fab apartment, quickly, through a broker that doesn't charge a fee.  "So someone may call you ok?" "Ok," I said not really thinking much of it at all.  About an hour later (10pm-ish) I get a phone call from someone named Boris, "I heard you are looking for an apartment."  I proceeded to tell him what I was looking for.  "I can show you some things this Saturday," he offered.  I agreed.

"Let the games begin," I thought to myself.

Saturday came and I had asked Tracy to come with me to look at the apartments.  "Ya know the one down the hall from me is empty right?" She asked.  "Which one?" I questioned knowing that the one bedroom next door to her was available (I toyed with the idea of taking it and converting the very large living room into a bedroom/living room and giving JD the bedroom.) "The 2 bedroom at the end of the hall.  I snuck in the other day and looked at it, wanna take a walk down and see?" She suggested. The apartment was huge and awesome and holy crap it was a 2 bedroom, 2 BATHROOM - unheard of.  Immediately I felt like yes this is it, this is the apartment I should be in.  It felt almost 100% right except like there would be an obstacle or a glitch or something.  It was 9:30 and we were to meet Boris at 10:00 I would ask him about it then.

"It's not available but I will show you 2 others, not too far from Tracy's apartment.  I literally spent less than 3 seconds in each of them.  I have gotten to a place where I listen to my gut and there was no doubt that even before I stepped in to both of these I heard a loud and clear NO!  I kept going back in my mind to Tracy's building.  "Ok since there are no 2 bedrooms available in her building, what about the one next door to Tracy," I asked Boris.  "Yes, it's still available."  I was confused because I was sure of the gut feeling I had in the 2 bedroom but decided that since it seemed that the stones were being laid out for this apartment that maybe I was meant to be there.  I told him I wanted the apartment and he took me back to the office to put a down payment on it and sign papers.

"This is Gabby," Boris introduced, "she will handle the deal from here."  Gabby brought me a bunch of papers to fill out and sign.  I was happy and excited but something still felt off.  I trusted however that if this was not where I was supposed to be, THEY would thwart the process.  I signed the final paper and Gabby came in to look everything over and take the money.

"Why would you want the 1 bedroom? You have a kid.  Why wouldn't you want the 2 bedroom?" Gabby questioned.  "WHAT? Wait, Boris said there is no 2 bedroom available." I responeded.  "Oh right, he didn't know this one came available," she said, "So?"  Before I could even think, I was refilling and signing papers for the 2 bedroom up on the 5th floor, 3 floors above the one I had looked at that morning.  I didn't even go look at it, I mean I knew it was the same layout as the one I'd seen earlier but more than that, I just knew in my gut that it was somehow right.  I was to move in on February 1st - 2 weeks later.

"Ok so don't be put off by the colors," the super said to me as he opened the door to apartment 5C.  "The girl who was supposed to move in had it painted," he finished.  Paint colors - oh god, one thing I HATE to do is paint and I was clueless about what colors I would choose.  I was not at all looking forward to that part.  Well... I suppose THEY figured that out in advance because when I walked in I found the perfect colors.  Soft chocolate brown in the living room, an eggplanty color in the master bedroom and bathroom and PINK in JD's bedroom and bathroom.  The fact that they hadn't yet painted it back to beige was clearly the work of my Mom.  Totally her to keep the colors I'd want and then have a little fun knowing that the super would change it back to beige and that JD would eventually pick his own colors, to let his area remain pink.  Well done.

I moved into my amazing (and affordable) 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment 2 weeks later.  It has an incredible view, washer dryer in the elevator building, is minutes from JD's school and the living room area is extremely conducive to my spiritual readings.

I will end this post with an excerpt from the book I'm currently reading, "Money and the Law of Attraction" by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Just a few explanations to help you understand the excerpt...url-2

  • Even though the names Esther and Abraham are biblical, this is not a bible story.
  • Abraham is the collective consciousness that speaks through Esther (she is a medium in that way) and gives insight into the law of attraction.
  • Abraham refers to itself as we as it is a COLLECTIVE (group) consiousness. Reading the first book of theirs - "The Law of Attraction" (The teachings of Abraham will give you further explanation.)
  • Abraham is telling the story

Focus on the Solution, Not the Problem

An Excerpt from "Money and the Law of Attraction" by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

In the midst of what the television weatherman was calling 'a serious drought," our friend Esther walked down one of the paths on their Texas Hill Country property, noticing the dryness of the grass and feeling real concern for the well-being of the beautiful trees and bushes that were all beginning to show signs of stress from the shortage of rain.  She notice that the birdbath was empty even thought she had filled it with water  just a few hours earlier, and then she thought about the thirsty deer who had probably jumped the fence to drink the small amount of water that it held.

And so, as she was pondering the direness of the situation, she stopped, looked upward, and - in a very positive voice, with very positive sounding words said, "Abraham, I want some rain." And we said immediately back to her, "Indeed, from this position of lack, you think you will get rain?"  What am I doing wrong?" she asked.  And we asked, Why do you want the rain?"  And Esther answered, "I want it because it refreshes the earth.  I want it because it gives all creatures in the bushes water so that they have enough to drink.  I want it because it makes the grass green, and it feels good upon my skin , and makes us all feel better."  And we said, "Now you are attracting rain."

Our question, "Why do you want the rain?" Helped Esther withdraw her attention from the problem and turn her attention toward the solution.  When you consider why you want something, your vibration usually shifts or pivots in the direction of your desire.  Whenever you consider how it will happen, or when, or who will bring it, your vibration usually then shifts back toward the problem.

NUFF SAID!! Thank you Abraham, Esther and Jerry for your wisdom.

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