Friends Mirror

One by one my G.I.P's (Gem Important Peeps) entered each with a bottle in tow.  Another impromptu mini soiree  at Gem's place.  It's funny because none of them knew each other before I'd introduced them a while back yet they get along as if they were childhood friends. The shenanagans that ensued were typically hysterical.  Never fails that someone will bust a move and someone else will bust a glass (and you both know who you are) url-3and the rest of us will bust a gut laughing the night away. And we never ever know who's gonna show up (speople) or what magic will occur.  This particular night, right in the middle of the gathering,  I had to go deal with an issue that was causing me some emotional distress. "Go!" My girls told me.  "Take care of it.  Just remember to love and honor yourself Gem ," they said.  As I got ready to leave, I naturally expected them to then start packing up the party.  But they didn't.  "We'll be right here in your house waiting for you to make sure you are ok, or until you give us the greenlight that it's ok for us to leave." WOW!  Was I shocked?  Not totally, It's how we roll, we always have each other, but these are the moments that you remember what you have.  The feeling of warm safe love that poured over my heart from them at that moment, I promise you, money can't buy that.  The party continued in my absence for at least another hour or two.  The comfort and safety and love that I felt knowing that they were just 'standing by for me,' was beyond incredible.  It also reminded me that I am a good person because put simply like attracts like.  If you ever want to see who you are, look at what and who surrounds you.  Your friends are a reflection of you.

So I raise a symbolic glass (because it's only 8 in the morning as I write this...)  To my G.I.P's - I love and thank you guys.  And since I'm looking in a mirror when I look at you, then I'm damn proud to be me!

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