Me & The Tarot


As you also probably know, giving back to the community is super important to me. So after much debate, I've recently agreed to step waaaaaay out of my comfort zone and kick it old skool this Saturday, and break out my very first tarot cards to give free readings at a local community Halloween festival here in Brooklyn, NY.  I know I know... I've been getting a ton of reactions... 

Gemma? Tarot cards? Wait, since when?

Full disclosure... It's because of tarot cards that I'm where I am today.  Ok the quick version of my tarot story... Years ago, I was given a deck of Tarot cards... I thought, "Ooooh fun, cards... Friends... Martinis... Friday nights... Sounds like a blast... Yeah... Not so much. I mean... At first it was all fun and games, but it very quickly morphed into something I never saw coming.  See, I already had a really strong intuitive gift from childhood, which I knew about, but I was so not trying to let anyone else in on; all the negative woo woo stigmas and such.

Little did I know that the cards were about to totally out me. The more I threw them, the more I focused my my gift, allowing it to grow even stronger than it already was. So much so that I quickly outgrew the cards.  Flash forward to my present day readings which don't include the cards at all, however I will always have a great respect for the incredible tool that they are and the important role that they played in my journey.