Meet my Mom

One of the most popular questions I get asked in doing what I do - talking toSpeople (spirit people) is how can my dead relative/friend still be a part of my everyday life.  I might as well introduce you to my mom, Mary, right off the bat.  For all intents and purposes, she's been gone for I think about 4 years now.  I say I think because she is so active in my life that there is almost no reason for me to remember the day she "went away," because well, she didn't. In human form, Mom was an awesome person, everyone loved Mary.  She raised 7 of us, was voted favorite lunch mother years in a row and sometimes my friends would opt to stay at my house to hang with her rather than going out.  I was very very close to her.  In my adult years, we didn't see each other very often as I live in Brooklyn and she was in Ohio.  I know that both of us would have loved to have been a much more day-to-day part of each other's lives.  So now, Mom has taken it upon herself to do just that.  Talk about a force to be reckoned with.  I have seen her make stuff happen that has left me with my mouth open.

I had bought a house upstate and moved there for about 2 years before I came running back to my Brooklyn.  Our street was very very dark.  At night, I would go out on the porch and everytime I came back into the house, I'd say, "Nope, still no streetlight.  Ma, ya wanna do somethin about that."  One night probably about a month or so after I'd started asking her to "do something about it," I opened the front door and there glaring me right in the face, bright as the sun is one, ONLY ONE, streetlight on the entire block.  Where you ask?  Directly in front of my house.  Once I could close my mouth (that was hanging down to the porch floor), I laughed and said, " Thanx Mom."

I probably have an entire books worth of "Mary Makes it Happen" stories but my most recent one is the one I am going to share with you.  Mom has decided that she will show up at any and all spiritual events, especially when I get readings. It's her trademark, her thing.  Once she showed up to tell on me that I'd lost a bracelet someone special had given me.  I didn't want to admit that I lost it but the psychic asked me, " Who is Mary," I said, "my Mom.  So she says, "Well your mom says you lost a bracelet and you don't want to admit it but that you did."  Mom went on to help me find it.  But I was like, "Jeez Mom, thanks for blowing up my spot."

The next reading I had, I had written a bunch of questions down for the psychic.  One of the questions was about losing weight.  As I was getting the reading though, I felt embarrased to ask about my weight so to save my dignity, I decided that I would skip that question.  Mom who at this point had shown up at every reading, decided that oh no... the weight needed to be addressed.  "Who's Mary," the psychic asked.  I decided to take a different route this time, "I don't know," I responded.  Yup, that's right, I flat out denied her.  "No, No, she knows you.  Says she's your mother," responds the psychic.  "Well she's a liar, don't listen to her," I respond.  Ok I'll admit it, I can be a little bratty at times, and the psychic could see right through my brat attack and continued.  "Well your mother says you want to talk about your weight, that you feel fat and that your not at all happy with it."  MA!!! CMON.

The most recent Mary sighting, blew me away.  My G.I.P. (Gemma Important Person) Amy, who is also psychic and I call my psychic twin, treated me for my birthday to an aura reading.  This past Saturday, she took me to have it done.  For those of you (and I was one too until Saturday) who have no idea what an aura reading is - you place your left hand on this bio-something machine and it is hooked up to a computer that has a human figure on the screen and suddenly you start seeing colors swirl around this figure.  The colors represent stuff in your aura.  Anyway... so there go my colors, it's really cool and when the machine is done with the read, the aura reader plays back a video on the screen of what it read from start to finish.  So as she's playing the video back she says, "Do you see here, this is the area where sometimes a spirit guide or someone will come through that wants to talk to you.  I'm totally intrigued.  What spirit guide wants to talk to me.  She continues, "Yup, right there you see, WOW, there is an infiltration of yellow, WOW, lots of yellow, I sit up straight and slowly look over at Amy who knows as well as I do that yellow is the color that represents none other than, that's right, you guessed it, MARY!  She uses yellow all the time and especially yellow roses to send me signs that I'm right on track in whatever i'm doing.  "It's your mom," says Amy, "Unreal," I say.  We explain to the aura reader that it just wouldn't have been a spiritual reading if Mary hadn't in some way come through.  I got a picture to take home of my aura, and well my Mom.   I knew speople could be very actively in your life but I never knew you could still take pictures with them, leave it to Mary to figure out a way to do that.

I love you Mom and I'm glad your still in my life!

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