Bin Laden is dead.  Well that's what the news reported anyway.  My first gut told me differently but that is not the point of this post.  It may have been only minutes later that the TV switched over to shots of masses of people celebrating in the street.  This struck me.  Celebrating violence and death?  In my "civilized" country?  Wow. Now I understand that according to "reliable sources" (whatever that means) this man is/was responsible for a huge number of lives lost.  And before I get bombarded with hate mail, it goes without saying that my heart completely and totally goes out to anyone who has lost anyone in an act of violence whether that was on 9/11 or any other day.  But celebrating violence and negativity?  Really?  That is so fueling the wrong fire.  Unless of course that is what you want to perpetuate.

See, your energy is a very powerful force that can be used as either a tool or a weapon.  No one, no matter how hard they try, can ever make you put your energy anywhere that you don't want.  You are in complete control of it and also completely responsible for what you do with it.  No one else can ever be blamed for where your energy is going.  Always pick and choose very carefully where you focus it. Focused negatively, can create destruction, of course that will include you as well because karma ALWAYS returns.  What you put out, must come back to you (10 fold I believe.)  But focused positively, your energy can create endless possibility.

So here is where the real power lies.  When someone pisses you off, engages in drama, or does something to push your buttons or get a reaction from you, decide to focus away.  You win, hands down.  Don't give them or any negative situation your energy.  It's yours and they can't make you.  If you are in any situation or drama scene that you don't like, don't sit there and bitch about it or engage in it, remove yourself or if you have to be there for a while, like let's say it's at your job, just shift your focus to something else.  Focus completely out.  Maybe you are required to be there until a certain time, but your not required to focus on negativity or drama.

Your focus is your business.  You can place it wherever you want, no one even has to know where you are focusing.  The point is that you don't ever have to fuel negativity and any time that you are, it is because you are deciding to.  Think of it like this, if you are at the gas station filling up your vehicle and someone drives up and demands that you put gas in theirs instead, you'd tell them at the very least to put the crack pipe down.  Same goes with your energy.  Don't fuel anything that you don't want to keep going.  A vehicle with no fuel is useless.

Listen up peeps...My energy, my decision.  It's that simple.  I will always choose to put mine where it will help manifest and perpetuate positivity.  How about you?

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