When Craig, the PR guy from Ringling Bros. first contacted me, I thought, "I'm not a circus act!"  Then I re-read his email...

"Gemma...The reason I'm writing: Monday July 5 is the 200th birthday of P.T. Barnum, and Coney Island is the only place where one of the three editions of the circus bearing his name will be performing. As part of the birthday celebration, we would like to work with a psychic medium to conduct a session during which we contact Barnum himself..."

I realized he wasn't asking for a performance but instead for a session.  His energy felt genuine and that was reinforced when we actually spoke via telephone. He said all it would entail was the reading and one pre-reading interview with The Brooklyn Paper. I agreed to do it.  But truth be told I was petrified.  What if he (P.T.) doesn't come?  What if I make a fool of myself by standing there with no message in front of all this press.  Swirling thoughts of negativity sprinted through my brain as I sat one morning about to meditate.  Just then a speople came to me and assured me that all would be fine.  I was pretty sure it was P.T.  but when you are nervous or too emotional about something as a medium your vision gets cloudy.  I then heard my mom say the same thing that THEY would never let that (making a fool of myself) happen.  That this was orchestrated and she was part of it.  I felt some relief with her words and then some how managed to put the whole thing out of my mind.

Craig contacted me to do the pre-reading exclusive interview with The Brooklyn Paper which went very well.  Later that day as I was training for my next wog (a 5 mile which went fabulous by the way.  I recruited my best friend Tracy on it and now plan to add someone new each time if possible to my wogging team.)  Anyway... on my wog, I thought to myself that alot of people will ask the same question I was asking myself.  "Who do I think I am to think that I can contact P.T. Barnum.  The answer struck me like lightning.  My spirit guide (Sha) explained to me that I've never ever gotten star struck, it's just not my nature.  She went on to say that there is no such thing as famous on the other side and that it's just a construct here on earth.  Contacting P.T. is no different than contacting my mom (who in my world is more famous than he.)  It was entirely up to him to show up or not (we all have free will) but having always believed that the speople bring me the clients and not vice versa, I knew at that moment that this was probably all P.T.'s doing.

In the weeks to come I pretty much put the reading out of my head except for those brief moments of me asking P.T. what will happen at the show to which he refused to answer.  I had adamantly decided that I would NOT research anything about him, in the name of authenticity, so it made the most sense to just look away until that day otherwise I may get nervous again. It's amazing how THEY work because I probably would have started stressing the July 5th event on July 3rd, however, they blessed me with being able to landscape a friends backyard which was both cool because I got to hang with a really awesome person and it was physically exhausting so who had time to think.  The next day in that same landscaped backyard, I attended a fabulous bbq with some really cool peeps again taking my attention and finished up the day seeing fireworks on the Manhattan pier.  Exhausted from all the festivities of the weekend, who had time to stress the reading?  Totally wiped, I fell out hard the night of the 4th only thinking briefly of the reading as I set my alarm clock.

7am, July 5th, my eyes flew wide open.  "Oh my god! It's today!"  Terror starts to overtake me.  What if... what if... what if?  Floods my mind.  My phone rings.  It's Tracy.  She would be coming with me that day (as would my other closest friend Lisha)  Tracy, an amazing photographer would be covering the event, and Lisha was coming solely as support.

RANDOM BUT NOT SO RANDOM THOUGHT -  I am so totally blessed with amazingly supportive friends. It is a priceless gift that I wouldn't trade for anything!

I pick up Tracy's call and weakly say, "hey,"  "Good Morning," she practically sings, "You ready?"  I fear I will throw up so all I mumble is "uggggg!"  Tracy immediately knows that I'm slipping into major fear and asks if it's ok if she comes up early (she lives 3 floors below me - yeah... pretty awesome huh?) I feel so not alone and mumble, "Yes please."

We arrive at Coney Island, Lisha is already there waiting for us.  I'm numb at this point.  But just seeing her there and knowing that she came for no other reason than to support me relaxed me some.  I called Craig to let him know we were outside and he came out to get us.  He showed us to where the press would be and asked if we'd rather be there or under the big tent where I would read.  For me it was a no brainer, I had to be where I would read and get myself "in the (cloud jumping) zone" in the space I'd be reading.

There was so much hustle and bustle inside the tent.  Moving props, setting lights, introductions to people etc.  Talk about overwhelming.  I wondered if I'd be able to get myself together enough to go up.  Just then I remembered that the SOLE reason I do this is to HELP people to connect

to their deceased loved ones.  Failure is about me and this nor any of my other readings is about me.  They are about the people and the speople that I am connecting.  I suddenly realized that my eyes were closed and I felt like I was being lifted from under each arm.  I stayed there for a bit and then I saw him again, the speople (who now after seeing his picture is undoubtedly P.T.)  He showed me a visual which would actually be my opening statement.  He also at that moment let me in on how things would happen.

I had been introduced to a man named Dick Zigun the "Barnum expert," they had on hand to validate what I would say.  He was to make a few opening statements and then leave me on stage.  Instead, I told him (what P.T. told me) that he should stay on stage with me and validate the messages I was relaying right then and there.  Wow talk about unexpected, I didn't see that coming, that was definitely totally P.T.'s doing.  I don't recall very much more after that, only scattered memories as I rarely remember readings - they are really none of my business.  But according to all present, it went very well.  AOL did a very responsible detailed article on it which I have listed it at the bottom of this post.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... While this was a totally amazingly magical experience, I learned an incredible lesson.  Appreciate the people around you that are good to you and let them know you love them and are grateful to be blessed with them in your lives.  Tracy, Lish, (and all of my other amazing GIP's who readily support me) I love you and thank you for being in my life!

Oh and once again, Thank you and Happy 200th P.T.!

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