I don't care if it's a career, a partner, a home, a car, a school, a relationship or your entire current reality... If you feel you deserve more, you do. It wouldn't come into your consciousness if it weren't true and possible. Settling is a choice! And you can hit the ignore button all you want, but, if you're settling in even one area of your life, it'll leak into the others and eventually your entire reality will be an unfortunate series of unnecessary settles. 

Time waits for no one, it keeps going, so if you don't make a change, before you know it, it'll be 10 years from now and you'll be miserable and have a ton of regrets with no one to blame but yourself. Take some time today to acknowledge where in your life you're accepting less than you deserve. HINT... It's what or whom ever you bitch about or get constantly frustrated by. 

Make the choice now to take one small step away from it, then another and another. The more you step away, the easier it gets and the more solid you'll be in knowing you deserve better. Don't buy into the lies guilt tells... You didn't come here to fix, settle or be a convenience for anyone or anything. Remind yourself that happiness is your divine birthright and that you didn't come to this earth plane to suffer, you came here to create your reality, grow and have an amazing adventure!!! #energywisdom PASS IT ON! Repost this! Tag someone who needs this!