OK so hopefully you have been working with the last post INSIDE OUT and getting yourself to a great vibe and things have already started flowing in.  I promise you peeps, this works.  The things that have been coming to me lately are AMAAAAAZING.  So now that you have that first component of attracting down, yep, that's right I said first, I can let you know that there are two more parts.  I didn't tell you on purpose.   I did it this way because in this day and age (and living in NY especially, I see this to the extreme,) we want instant gratification so we cut to the chase instead of going one step at a time.  Part one, getting yourself to a great vibe INSIDE OUT, is the most important part of attracting.  Let me say that again... Part one, getting yourself to a great vibe is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of attracting.  Think of it like this, you have a car and the gas for it, but there being no road.  Newsflash, the car won't get very far.  Part one is paving the road.  So now that you've paved it, and it exists, it's time to create the car and fuel it so that what you ask for comes to you at lightning speed.  Now keep in mind if there is a greater lesson to be learned by something that you've asked for not manifesting right now, then it won't.  I assure you, that's only for your greater good.  Ok... on to creating... The next part of attracting what you want is actually figuring out exactly what that is.  The best way to do that is to start by asking yourself why you want it.  What that does is makes you get more specific.  Here's an example.  "I want a Mercedes Benz."  Ummm ok, but if i handed you a 1980 beat up, sorta working benz, would that suffice you?  Asking why you want it makes you describe it.  I want it because it is luxurious and that's how I roll.  I want it because I've never had a new car and I will look great while driving down the road.  I want it because it will be nice to own a reliable car.  Now you can clearly see that what you want is a brand new, luxurious, reliable Mercedes Benz, much different then just any Mercedes Benz.   Another example (because you know I like examples) is "I want a new job."   But what if it's not just the job but the actual company you work for that you don't like?  Asking why you want a new job invokes answers as... because I can't stand this company.  The people here are so negative.  I'm bored with what I do.  This then instead translates to something very different than just I want a new job.

The trick here is to get specific in a general way.  What do i mean?  It's good to get specific about what you want BUT not to the point of stifling it.  So it's awesome to ask for a new job where you are doing what you love, surrounded by people that are positive in a company that gives you the opportunity to grow, but to request that one position in ABC company for DEF amount limits you.  What if it takes 20 years for that position to be available when the universe could have found you an even better one in company LMNO for more money had you just been a little more general?   Same goes for people.  I beg you peeps don't ask for a specific person... you gotta honor and respect free will which means if that person doesn't want you, there is NOTHING in this world or any other that you can do to change that.  Instead, ask for the aspects in a partner you want, healthy, drama free, attractive, loyal, funny, smart etc and trust me, I'm speaking from experience when I say,  the universe will bring you even better than who you asked for.

So now that you have figured out what you want, it's time to become a magnet.  In meditation or quiet time, whatever that is for you (I quite like to do this before I go to bed to let it marinate for 8 hours) visualize yourself shooting out a magnetic field that finds what you've asked for, grab it and pull it toward you.  Imagine it closer, closer, closer until it reaches you.  Imagine what it feels like when it is with you.  Now as they say in NY, " fuggedaboutit' (i've actually only heard that said once) point is, let it go.  Don't think about it for another second.  Let the universe do it's work.  Trust and believe it is already on its way.  Keep the positive vibe up that you created in part one INSIDE OUT.  And before you know it, it will show up.  Suggestion though, start small just to get in the practice.  The first time I asked for, "a pleasant surprise," and unexpectedly a friend treated me to breakfast the next morning.   I got so happy receiving my "pleasant suprise," so  naturally my happy vibe perpetuated that positive road I had paved which allowed me to keep bringing in what i was asking for.  It's quite amazing actually.

So listen up PEEPS... positive vibes, then visualize then magnetize... its that simple.  Happy attracting!

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