Do you mind if I share this on my blog? I asked Rose, a 78 year old, spunky as hell, client who I read a few weeks ago.  It didn't surprise me that she readily embraced the idea, she is incredibly gentle and loving and seems like she'd spread positivity to all she comes in contact with.  With her help, I quickly wrote everything down that I could remember.  See peeps, as a medium, I get information from your loved ones who have crossed over (or speople - spirit people - as I fondly refer to them) and I pass it along to you.  Because the messages aren't for me, it's almost like they are none of my business and therefore, I forget almost everything that I've heard in a session but when Rose's late husband (of 51 years) Arthur came through with a great message for anyone who heard it, I knew I wanted to share it, so I asked Rose's permission before the session ended (and my memory got wiped) if I could.

With Rose's help, i remembered some exact words that were said, but as I don't have a transcript,the rest I will paraphrase...

A gentleman (speople) came into the room and I told Rose that a man was here, he was older and he just tipped his hat indicating to me that he was a gentleman.  I asked her if she had lost a husband and she said yes.  I said, "He's here," and she said with tears in her eyes that she knew he would be, "Arthur never let me down."  After establishing that it was in fact him by identifying his work and some people connected to him and his golden retriever which he had named after himself, he went on to say that he apologizedurl to her for working so much during his younger years.  He explained how he thought it was the best thing to do for the family but that he apologized for not hearing her when she said she needed him to be there with her more.  He then went on to say that as he got older and wiser he realized that the real "pay off," was the time he spent loving and appreciating her and allowing himself to be loved back. "money can't buy it,"  he seemed to say to me as much as to her and went on to say that he was glad that he figured that out early enough to enjoy many years with his 'Rosie.'  I will never forget how she smiled hearing that and through tears of joy and peace, now assured that he is ok,  Rose summed it up best, "Appreciate your loved ones while you have them, don't hold back, tell them, show them, love goes by fast.

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