Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking... I want to let you know that we will be experiencing a good amount of turbulence on our descent.  This is because there are west winds at.... WHOA... was he right. OK... Hold up...Rewind...

So...I stepped through a major fear last week.  I spontaneously took a trip (flew) alone for the first time.  Now anyone who knows me can appreciate the big deal that this is for me.  And get this, not just one but I had to take two planes both ways.  You see, I have always been afraid (and I mean borderline terrified) to fly.  Well, that is I can proudly say until now.  So how did I do it?  In two simple words, I "Practiced faith."

So there we were, I was at the window seat, a little girl about age 6 (the bravest of us) and her mom were next to me.  We bumped and bounded through the sky, "Weeeeee" she exclaimed as her mom contemplated a valium and i clutched tight to my chair... I looked out the window and heard my guide, "Faith, Gemma, practice your faith,"  "What?" I said in my perfect bratitude, "Practice what when i'm holding on for dear life," "This is so cool," the little girl giggled, "Oh my God, Oh my God," said her mom.  "Practice your faith Gemma," My guides insisted.  And suddenly it all made sense and I let go.  THEY got me, I'm ok, whatever that means, I'm ok and THEY got me.  I realized in that moment that everything and I mean EVERY experience we have is an opportunity to learn and/or practice something should we choose to see it that way.

I looked at the little girl who was still giggling and i started to giggle with her, "Fun right?" she asked, "Yes," I said and then I looked at mom and said, "I think that this is a good opportunity to practice faith." I pointed up (as if to say the HP aka God) got us... "We are ok," I finished.  In that instant her face got calm, she understood it too.  "Yes," she replied, "We are."

As expected, we landed safe and sound.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... Earth is a big ol university of sorts.  The learning opportunities are endless if you allow them.  From this moment on see every experience as an opportunity you have been afforded to learn and grow.  Be grateful, for these are great opportunities to practice practicing.

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