The solution is never in the problem... By focusing on the problem, you are only taking yourself further away from the solution!

Think of not having enough money.  If you sit there focusing on, "I don't have enough money," you will only perpetuate the problem because even if the solution is right there in front of you, because your focus is on what isn't, you won't even see it.  However, If you instead look to what it would be like to have that money and believe it will come, you will be amazed at how doors open and opportunities will present to bring you to exactly what you desire.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... Sometimes we don't even realize that what we think is asking for something really is complaining about what we don't have.  Listen to yourself carefully.  Are you focusing on the solution, or the problem?  If something in you life isn't how you want it, it's probably because your focus is on what you don't have instead of what it would feel like if you did.  Make that change today and watch the solution start to manifest.

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