"Just stop thinking about it.  Don't give it any energy."  But the more you try to not think about something that stresses or scares you, the more you seem to obsess right?  Ok peeps, try this... While getting my Masters degree in Video Production,  I learned the term "rack focus."  It means to shift the focus in a given frame from one object to another by manually turning the focus ring on the camera. (Check out the video below... music is a lil cheesy but u get a good visual of a rack focus.)

Well, I decided that if a camera could do it, then maybe so could I, so I took the term from the world of film and video and applied it to my life and in particular, to situations where I am focusing on something that will not benefit me like something negative or that I'm afraid of.

I simply "rack focus,"  that is, I shift my focus from one (negative) thing to another (more positive) thing.  It would be pretty impossible to just stop thinking about it , so instead I find something better and more beneficial to me to focus my attention on.  And by the way...in doing this I am also shifting the energy of what I'm attracting from what I don't want to what I do.

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