FUNKY TOWN I'd gotten into a funk lately.  Besides catching a virus or something that has knocked me out for the last few days, things seemed to be spiraling downward for the past couple of weeks.  I started thinking of my current financial situation which is not at all where I want it to be and forget it, suddenly I was in a snowball of negativity that was getting bigger and faster by the day.  It felt terrible and out of control.  Fear and doubt washed over me to the point where I felt stuck.  I didn't like being in that state at all, so I decided that I would revisit my Law of Attraction books and dvd's to try to find "some relief."

For anyone who isn't familiar with the universal Law of Attraction it is defined as follows:  The Law of Attraction (LOA) is the magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. In simple terms, if you give off positive energy, you get positive things back and likewise for negative and with enough focused, positive thought you can attain anything, you just have to believe that you can and you will.

I'm human so even though I am a total believer and have frequently seen the LOA in action in my own life, it's hard sometimes not to get caught up my current sitch (which by the way, I created) and keep my energy positive so that I will keep attracting positive things.  At this point, I knew I'd better do something to try to at least raise up my energy level, even if only a little bit.


Once I simply remembered that I had the power to pull myself out of my funk, I immediately felt a little hopeful and as a result more positive.  Naturally, the universe complied and I received a series of uplifting texts from several friends.  These texts made me feel even better so I decided to pop in one of my LOA dvd's to foster that positive feeling of being able to create my own reality.  Once again the universe sent back a positive response to my energy – I receive a picture text from my friend Amy telling me of a special on gym memberships…GymMembership

Lemme take you back for a sec...I received an email yesterday informing me that my gym membership was up.  I wasn't all that thrilled with that gym anyway and thought, ‘I wish I could switch gyms, I'd rather be a member at my friend Amy's gym because we like to work out together.’  When I got the email though, because I was in a funk, I thought this impossible because I figured that even though the monthly payments would probably be about the same, I wouldn't be able to come up with the large down-payment usually required to join a gym.

Back to the picture text… the special that she tells me about only requires a $20.10 down payment to join her gym and the monthly payments would be the same as mine.  She tells me that the special ended yesterday but that she spoke to a rep there who was willing to extend it an extra day for me if I could come down and sign up.  Still not feeling 100%, but now feeling pretty positive, I knew that if I asked for an extra day I would probably get it.  She said she would find out and about 15 minutes later I got a call from the sales rep who let me sign up over the phone.

At this point with the LOA in full positive effect, I was excited.  I decided that I was going to completely trust & believe that everything would not only work out for me but that financially things would quickly turn around and propel me to where I want to be in that realm.  I was smiling and feeling pretty good.  I decided to then close my eyes and focus positive energy on catching up with my rent – I was behind in Novembers and now (being December) behind in Decembers as well.  I decided that I would not focus on how it would get paid but more in the fact that I knew it would and that it would feel great to have it paid.  I then got another text from Amy (who by the way is also psychic) that said, “hey, whatever you were thinking of asking JD’s dad for, ask, he will say yes.”  WHOA! I knew exactly what she was talking about.

There was that fleeting moment about a week when my humongous pride was not getting the best of me that I thought maybe he would help me out with my rent.  Of course being too proud equals negative energy so I immediately negated the possibility.  When I got this text from Amy however, my pride was nowhere to be found, (thank god, the LOA and my choice to change my reality,) so I was much more open to the idea.  ‘What do I have to lose?’ I asked myself, ‘the worst he could say is no.’ So I texted Jose (JD’s dad) and asked him to help.  I was blown away (but not) when he responded that he would give me November’s entire rent.  I felt totally grateful, blessed and relieved and even though it wasn’t my “perfect” idea of how it would get paid (there’s that pride again,) the fact is, it is now paid.  (Thank you Jose, truly, thank you.)  There is no doubt that I will now find a way to cover December and not only get back on track but to continue to use the LOA to bring me to exactly where I want to be financially.


I gotta tell you, the last paragraph was a very very hard one for me to post because I am extremely proud, many times to my own detriment, so admitting needing help, especially financial is beyond hard for me which is exactly the reason that I ended up in a negative downward spiral in the first place.

My pride had welled up to its recent state due to past experiences. Having grown up in a strict catholic, financially successful, conservative family, my old tapes began to play.  Tapes from years past as a struggling single mom, an artist in a family of engineers and bankers, a lesbian in a world of heterosexuals, tapes that would negate everything that i am and everything that i am in the process of doing to attain my dream and live my life’s purpose.  Tapes that despite the success of my roles in life have often accused me of being flighty, chaotic, out of the box and anything but “normal.”

I allowed those old tapes to take me over.

That is where my negative spiral began, because when I heard the tapes, instead of pressing STOP, I continued to listen to them. All too many times when someone is “different” from the norm (and what the hell is that anyway,) they get shunned or put down for it as have I.   So after years of trying to conform (married, house in the suburbs, full-time ‘respectable job’ etc,) leaving my full-time day job to persue my life’s work as a psychic medium was hard enough to justify, admitting that I was now financially struggling as a result was more than my pride could handle. So needless to say that a "gift," such as Jose’s check,in my fearful/prideful mind would have been seen as a handout – something to be ashamed of.  This of course was all based on buying into what society deems ‘acceptable and responsible.’ However that doesn’t make it right it just makes it what the masses have bought into.


Imagine if society deemed  ‘acceptable and responsible’ to be that when someone has the courage to reach for their dreams, that they should be greatly celebrated and that everyone should immediately support them emotionally, financially and spiritually and that each form of support holds equal value.  Then my accepting Jose’s check would never be interpreted as an act of shame but instead as an act of honor.  Amazing what a little perception shift will do eh?

This my friends is a critical in practicing the law of attraction.  Never buy into what other peeps say you should and should not do.  NO ONE EVER knows what best for you better than you do!  Once I stopped the old tapes and started to follow what felt right for me, everything else fell into place.


So listen up Peeps… I'm not saying that sometimes when you feel crappy that it's doesn't feel super hard to imagine yourself smiling, but that's the thing, you don't have to go from boo-hooing to laughing, you just have to focus on something that makes you a little more positive and if you can't even do that then at the very least, look away from the thing that is bringing you down.

See that's the cool thing about the LOA, it’s a snowball effect, so all you have to do is make yourself feel a little more positive and then the universe will immediately comply by adding to that positive energy which will in turn make you more positive, making the universe respond and so on… get it?  Good!  Now start creating your reality.

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