I had dinner with a friend last night who is a restaurant owner/chef.  She was telling me how she is currently expanding her business and in doing so, is revamping the entire menu, which means that the actual physical menu will need to be redesigned and reprinted.  It would cost a lot of money that right now, with all the expansion renovations, she doesn't have to pay a designer to do.  This means she will have to design them herself which she isn't happy about... "I've hit a roadblock Gem," she sighed.  "I don't want to sit and stress fonts and designs when my creative energy should be on food and wines,"  she finished.  After cracking up at her unexpected poetic genius...which I told her I had to quote her on, I asked, "Is there another way?"  "Hmmm... good question," she said, "Not that I can see.  I just keep getting stuck at the horrifying idea of all that designing and changing the menus that I don't want to do."  "Now you know," I messed with her, "If your looking at what you don't want, you never will get what you do want."  "Now you know," she messed with me back, "I know that."  And I can assure you she does as we both have a very strong belief in the law of attraction.  But even the best of us have our moments and admittedly, she felt really stuck with this one.  "Uggg, annoying," she sighed again before jokingly saying, "If only I knew a designer who loved to eat." 


"Holy crap, wait I do," she screamed recognizing a new path she had opened up for herself.  "And what's crazy (or not) is that for the last few weeks I've not only heard his name randomly a gazillion times,  but I've run into him several times in the oddest of circumstances." We both looked at each other with a big ol law of attraction "Don't you love this stuff," smile, and in one phone call, she cut a deal with her designer friend who agreed to do her menus in exchange for free meals at her restaurant.

LISTEN UP PEEPS...If you were driving and you saw a "ROAD CLOSED" sign, you wouldn't just sit there staring and bitching about it.  No, you'd instinctively think of an alternate route and/or follow (detour) signs to take you to where you wanted to go.  So...when you hit a roadblock in your life's journey, don't immediately assume it negative.  Your not unlucky and no one is out to get you so stop that too.  Assume it's because there is another better way (that you just can't see) but THEY are guiding you because ultimately THEY know it will be better for you.  Instead of that negative sigh of "uggggg," try saying "Thank you Speeps.  I know you got me and are taking me exactly where I need to go in exactly the way I need to get there."

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