SIGNS FROM THE UNIVERSE: How To See And Interpret Them

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So, I'm walking down the street, talking to my spirit guides (in my mind so I don't look completely bat shit.) I'm talking to them about creation and how it works. They are reminding me how critical it is to focus on the WHAT part as opposed to the HOW, which (and we have all heard before but seem to have a terrible time keeping our noses out of ) is the job of the Universe. So, I'm thinking in particular about how important it is to carefully list out the aspects of what I want. Not to just be lazy and say things like, " I just want a house," or I just want a trip anywhere," because that would be like going into a restaurant and telling the waiter just bring me anything.

So I decide to list the aspects of my next home as I'm walking. It's freezing out so this is a great way to ignore the cold and happily pass the time. So I start telling the Universe what I want to feel like in my home. I make sure to include specifics like neighborhood, style of home, that it's on a high floor, I'm not really a house person, so it will definitely be in a building. At the same time, I'm super careful not to be so specific that I put myself on a 50 year waiting list (ie. it must be apartment 3c in building 192 on Walnut Street ...) c'mon peeps this aint Hollywood, no one has a magic wand that they're gonna wave for you, not on this planet anyway 😜. So there I am happily creating my beautiful home when I round the corner to reveal this bright red brand spanking new looking van that says "JEMMA Total Contracting Corp." WHAT!!! I mean come on! Seriously? You can't make this shit up. CRAY! 

There I am, literally creating my next home in my mind and I swing around the corner and just "happen" to find a contracting company van with my incredibly unusual name on it. Coincidence? I think not! Without question a sign!!! Keep focusing Gem, it's yours! Now for any naysayers who might say well your name is spelled wrong... YAWN... sorry, but it's 2018 and honestly I don't have a lot of tolerance for naysayers at this point.  A message is a message is a message period, the end. The important thing is that it hits you, that it resonates. The Universe works with what it can, to get it across to you and like I said, the important thing is that you get it and understand it and I gotta say, I got this loud and clear. Bravo Universe, this one stopped me dead in my tracks. At this point, there's only one thing to do, grab my phone and snap a pic, and good thing I did for quick because within seconds it pulled off and was gone. I had a big ass grin on my face the rest of the way. I love signs like that.

Now unfortunately, they aren't always so obvious and epic as this one but they are always out there for you, hopefully I can make it a bit more clear for you to see and understand them. Like anything else... Practice! Practice! Practice is the key. It's sort of like learning another language in one way, but in another you are also sort of creating a language of your own as well. Let me explain. We always wait for THEM (our guides and Speople - Spirit people) to send us signs, but the dope thing is that we don't have to, we can also assign meaning to stuff so they know what to show us to let us know THEY are around. Example... my mom and the yellow rose. Most of you already know the story but for those of you who don't here's a quick recap...

I had the blessing of knowing my mom was going to cross before she did, so I got to visit and have a conversation with her before she left. During that visit, she saw my most recent tattoo and said, " Whoa, that's a big one!  Im gonna get one." To which I replied, "Yeah? Whatcha gonna get Ma?" "A rose!" She answered adamantly! "A rose huh?" I asked? "What's your favorite color?" "Yellow!" She replied." I leaned down and hugged her and said, "Ok, Ma... Then every time I see a yellow rose, I'll know it's you!!!" No matter where I am, it could be the middle of the desert, or the ocean, it doesn't matter, somehow, someway, a picture, a tv show,  the real thing, a yellow rose(s) will show up to let me know she is around.

This gets me thinking, what if someone doesn't get the blessing of having a conversation like I did? So, again, I talk to my guides. They say it doesn't matter when you have the conversation before or after someone crosses, either way, guides (and we all have them, you included, they've been with you since the second you took your first breath and will stay with you until you go back home) and Speople love to play/communicate/interact with us. My guides say that we tend to wait for them to "give us a sign" which leaves us feeling like sitting ducks. This doesn't mean that they won't or actually aren't giving us signs all the time, in fact they are. It means that we are probably missing them. Instead of waiting, they suggest doing what I did with my mom. Simply tell them what will mean something to you how you will recognize them, this way they will know what to look for.


When choosing a sign to give them, they suggest something that is not too common like say a taxi cab if you live in NYC because then it won't really stand out, but at the same time not to choose something that's so super impossible either, they still have to use what is in the physical vicinity. So if you choose a rare plant that only grows on the continent of Australia when you are in the U.S.A., they can only bring that to you in very very limited ways which may end up frustrating you (remember this isn't about crystal balls and hocus pocus.)

Now even if you don't assign them specific signs, they will still (try to) communicate with you if you stay open and aware. The same rules apply... What were you thinking, talking about, looking at, reading etc when the sign happened? How does the sign apply? They may use things that are obvious like they did with me and the "Jemma" van, but they'll also use things that aren't so obvious. For instance, an animal darting out in front of you or catching your attention may not seem as blatant as the van did, so in this case it may be a timing thing that helps you know it's a sign.. Oh and just an fyi, these aren't your deceased loved ones taking the form of an animal, it's actually a guide or Speople using that animal to give you a message. I often look up the spiritual symbolism of that animal and apply it. Dreams are a great way for them to get messages to us and there are a ton of dream interpretation books and websites out there to help interpret their meanings.

They will also use smells, music, peoples conversations and other sounds and feelings. So, you may suddenly smell something that no one else smells that reminds you of someone or reminds you to do something. They may steer you, just in time, so that you happen to catch just a part of of someone's conversation that's perfectly relevant to something you need to hear. You may catch a song that reminds you of someone and/or it's lyrics may give you a message simultaneous to a strong (goose bumpy) feeling come over you. See that's really the key, it's about something hitting you a certain way. Don't brush it off as nothing or as no big deal. If something strangely pulls your attention, is oddly out of place and you notice it or it gives you the goose bumps, especially in conjunction with something else happening, don't blow it off. My rule of thumb is if it feels like a sign, it's a sign. Now, at the same time, I'm not one of those who walks around so desperate to see a sign that everything becomes one. I go about my day with a constant openness that at any given moment one of my guides or Speople could send me one. Like a text, (hopefully) you don't desperately look for it, because you will know you will simply get an alert when it comes in. 

Oh yeah, and one final but critical thing... If you're focused on lower vibe/frequency things, you most definitely won't readily pick up signs. You have to be in receiving mode to get them. Remember, it's all a frequency game. Our guides and Speople vibrate on high frequency, so if you're hanging out on a low one, you can't possibly expect to catch their signals. Stress, worry, judgement, grief, sadness, anger, competitiveness, envy, jealousy, self-hate, guilt, shame, are NO BUENO for catching signs. Swimming in those pools makes it much harder to see signs. Fear not, meditation can totally help slow down any negative momentum you've got going and help you stay in a place of positivity . I mean let's face it, it's essentially plugging into the greatest energetic source that exists and why wouldn't anyone want to do that?  Appreciation/gratitude will also help to keep your vibe/frequency high. These simple practices along with practicing more communication with your guides and Speople will start you on a great path to seeing signs on a much more regular basis.

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