Even when everybody tells you something is "right," your gut (your spirit) tells you what is truth, so listen! I took a seat at one of several tables that had been set aside for our party.  There would be about 25 of us at this birthday brunch, at least half of whom I knew quite well.  Conversation flowed as freely as the mimosas did and randomly shifted from one subject to the next. So we started taking about Sesame Street - ya know a typical grown brunch conversation.  I brought up the character Snuffleupagus - Big birds friend who resembles a wooly mammoth and is only seen by him.  urlSomeone at the table corrects me and says, "It's not SnuffleuPagus, it's SnuffleuFagus."  It's amazing how things that are so trivial can become so important when ego gets involved.  So we start going back and forth like two third graders, "No it's not it's uPagus," "You're wrong Gem, it's uFagus."  Pretty soon the other party-goers get involved and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE of them agrees that it's spelled with an F not a P and that I'm dead wrong.  Eventually I go from being certain to being totally unsure that I'm right so I decide to stop arguing because with so many of them agreeing, I'm now pretty convinced I must be wrong.  But something inside me tells me I'm not.  I let it go anyway because it's not worth ruining the brunch over something so seemingly trivial.

When I get home, I go online and look up "Sesame Street Characters," and there in black and white is the proper spelling of SnuffleuPagus.  I was right.  Oddly I don't feel gloaty and I have no desire to let them know they were wrong.  Instead I feel somehow enlightened.  Wow, how easy it was for me to be convinced that I was wrong simply because there were more people who beleived they were right and saying it with a deep conviction.  See when ego takes over and joins forces with defensiveness, it can sound very very convincing.  The important thing to remember though is that they are just louder and sometimes more aggressive but that doesn't make them right. 

From that moment on I decided that no matter how much i'm being told what is "right" or what i "should" think or do, the bottom line is that my gut (spirit) knows best and that's the truth that I will hear.

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