4 of us were having dinner at a local restaurant.  The waitress came and took our order.  3 of us fell deep into conversation while the fourth sat grumbling about how hungry she was.  We (the 3) were so into what we were discussing that it felt like only seconds before they brought our food.  "Bout time," said the one who didn't join the table chatter, "I hope they got it right at least."  Of course hers was wrong and had to be sent back making her wait even longer.  I suddenly had a major lightbulb moment. Law of Attraction simplified - OMG... this is how it works...Its so simple and just like going to a restaurant.

  1. You decide what you want
  2. You order it
  3. You focus on something else (expecting it)
  4. You get it

It's that simple peeps... we don't micro-manage the kitchen when we place an order.  We don't get into deep conversation about how they are making our food or stress if there is enough food or enough staff to make what we want.  We don't give it another thought.  We just expect it to come. And it does.  And when we do grumble and stress, the outcome is probably not so great and at the very least it feels like it takes longer.  Well, the same goes for applying the law of attraction...

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Ask for it
  3. Turn to other things that make you happy (knowing it's on it's way)
  4. Receive it

If you feel like you've heard this before from me, well you have and you probably will again and again.  I told you I'm hooked on Law of Attraction and on a mission to becoming a master creator so every lightbulb moment I have, I'm going to share with you and I hope you will do the same.

Remember Peeps...try it with small unimportant things first - things that don't matter whether you get them, that makes it easier, but the most important thing is to just keep it light, you will get it so HAVE FUN!!!

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