Having an alcoholic dad who would rage at a moments notice, and being a kid with the gift of insight, you can imagine how much trouble I was always in for knowing and speaking the truth. Eventually, I learned (through... let’s call it “punishment”) that expressing myself was wrong and dangerous even. So instead, if someone hurt me, I’d just shut down and cut them off at a moments notice. 

I’ve learned (ok ok, I’m still learning) that people who really love and respect you (and themselves) will acknowledge, apologize and be mindful going forward if you tell them that they’ve hurt or disrespected you. That a relationship (of any kind... boss, lover, parent, kid, friend etc) means that you always have the right to express what you’re feeling and someone being defensive abusive or shutting you down is their bad, not yours. 

Now I’m gonna give you the advice that I gave my kid growing up... Always come from a place of self-love and honor, not a place of spite, and revenge. Don’t attack but speak calmly, respectfully and confidently and if someone is still not willing to hear you, they’re not worth your time. Not because you’re not worth it, because they're not ready! #energywisdomPASS IT ON!