SPEOPLE SPEAK: A surgeon gets advice from his (deceased) dad

Lawrence (not his real name of course, client confidentiality is imperitive) comes for a consultation. I can feel that he is nervous like many clients are. I tell him there is nothing to worry about and that most of my clients say that a consultation with me feels just like a conversation with a good friend who just happens to speak to Speople (spirit people) and predict future events. I assure him that spirit only gives us what we need and what we can do something with. There is no gloom and doom or bump in the night here. Now, that is not to say that every message is what a client wants to hear, or every Speople that comes through is the one the client is looking to connect with. However, what I do know for certain, after doing this for a while, is that it's always what we need.

Lawrence takes a deep breath as his mom (who is "deceased") steps forward. "I just wanted to say a quick hello because I know you are here to talk to dad," his mom says. Lawrence, fighting back tears, shakes his head and says, I miss her, she passed 5 months ago." She assures him she is fine but since she has the floor, she takes the opportunity, (as mom's will) to give her son some relationship advice, tell him to get more sleep and to stop taking life so seriously and working so hard. Lawrence laughs and says, "That sounds just like her."

His dad (also "deceased") then steps forward and the following conversation ensues...

(G)emma: Your dad is showing me his hands and he has a medical mask and scrubs on.

(L)awrence: He was a surgeon.

G: He draws a line from him to you which means there is a connection or similarity that he is highlighting between the two of you.

L: I am a surgeon as well... a chip off the old block you could say because I'm also just like him, I work too hard and don't play enough.

G: He's making me feel frustration and confusion and he's showing me an x-ray and giving me the letter S.

L: Wow, he doesn't waste time, same ol dad.

G: He just said, he heard you, he wants you to know he heard you.

L: Oh, he is referring to yesterday when I got frustrated and confused about a patient of mine. I'm trying to figure out what's going on with her. (He chuckles) Actually, her last name does begin with S. Wow thats wierd, I mean wierd in an awesome way.

I agree, he continues

L: I said to dad, in my head of course so I didn't sound crazy, "Hey dad, if you can hear me, I could really use your help with this one." Then I reminded him I had an appointment with you today so if he wanted to shed some light on it it seemed like the obvious way.

Lawrence and his dad went on to have an amazing conversation in which they were able to discuss what was going on with his patient. Now, I need make it clear that I did horribly in science, and I mean horribly. I even had a professor once say to me, "Please don't ever go into this field." That to say, I don't even have any point of reference for the scientific stuff they talked about. Sometimes (especially when working with someone in a profession field with specific jargon; Doctors, Police Officers, Lawyers, etc.) I don't even have the words to describe what is going on. In cases like this, my guides tell me to always and only say exactly what I see,  The conversation ends up sounding like this...

G: Ok he's showing me this thing that is shaped like a disk with a squiggly thing next to it. Now he is disconnecting that and showing me something exploding or bursting. He's making me feel like an xray wouldn't pick it up. It looks like this ( I draw it.) Ok now he is giving me a pain in my lower left side and saying not the right, not the right, look at the left.

Lawrence, half smiling now and writing furiously, mumbles something about looking in the wrong place... pain is on right side... origin of problem is left... further testing will prove...

Let me just take a moment to disclaim here... Under no circumstance should you ever replace going to the doctor or any other professional in their field with a psychic medium,. We are great facilitators that can deliver a message of great help. My being the "telephone," so to speak, and allowing a clear line of communication between Lawrence and his dad, will certainly point Lawrence in the right direction. However, it's Lawrence's medical expertise that allows for the patient to be properly diagnosed and treated.

Lawrence looks much more at peace than when he came in. He studies me for a minute before gently and genuinely asking

L: How do you do it?

I so appreciate his child-like wonder.

G: Honestly, I don't know, I've always just seen Speople and known stuff.  I guess I was born with it. More importantly, though, there are great similarities in what you and I do you know.

He looks baffled.

G: It's impossible for you to be as talented in your field as your dad says you are and not be channeling, which is exactly what I do.

L: Channeling?

G: Do you listen to your gut and sometimes made decisions against or other than what the text books say?

L: "Yes."

G: Do you ever just get a feeling that a particular patient would respond to one kind of treatment or procedure over another?

L: Sure.

G: "How do you know those things? Where do you get the gut feeling or that knowledge?

L: Hmmm, I never really stopped to think about that. It just feels obvious to me.

G: Exactly! Same goes for me when I just know stuff. Those gut feeling and those hunches are coming from the exact same place that my information is coming from. Our guides and Speople and higher power or whatever you want to call the energies of the other side. We just apply it to our respective fields. Same goes for every profession and the people that excell in them. That edge, that something extra that people call instinct is just a form of channelling.

A few days later I get a beautiful email from Lawrence thanking me for the connection with his mom and dad. He says that with the information that his dad gave him, he was able to run more extensive tests and finally figure out what was going on with the patient and can now give her the proper treatment. He also said that he loved our conversation and suggested that I share it with my readers, insisting that, "More people need to see what you do as a very viable resource to be used in situations like mine." I couldn't agree more!

LISTEN UP PEEPS... So many people have very negative preconceived notions of psychic mediums. This usually comes from either a few bad apples (which every industry has) or from buying into a religion that at some point exhaulted seers, but then decided that we were too much of a threat (because of what we could see),and therefore deemed us "evil." Truth be told, we are no different than any other profession. You have all types and every one of us does our work differently. So, like a doctor, lawyer, hairdresser, masseuse, you name it, it's trial end error (and/or a reccomendation from a friend) to find the one that you fit best with. We are not the end all be all and those of us that are authentic will never claim to be perfect, know everything or always get it right (I mean even Jeter has off days...right?).

Allow me to offer a different perspective. The internet, which has only been mainstream for 20 something years, was scoffed at as a resource by many until they saw that it could connect them to others all over the world and receive information in the blink of an eye that they may not have

otherwise had easy access to. Well, psychic mediums are a very similar type of valuable resource. We can connect with others in a different dimension who have a greater perspective than we do here on earth and therefore, like in Lawrence's case, we can receive information in the blink of an eye that a client may not otherwise have easy access to. Whoa... what a concept huh? Welcome to the future.

Forward thinking people are becoming rapidly aware of and are utilizing us as an amazing resource. Some of my most satisfying and successful work has been assisting a Police officer or lawyer with a case she is working, a CEO who wants to expand his company, a teacher with a particularly difficult student, a psychologist with an inconsolable grieving client, an actor with horrible stage fright, a writer with a block, a singer looking choosing the best label and the list goes on.  These and other clients, who come to get advice from their Speople and guides about how to advance and enhance their lives, have the right idea on how to utilize us  and therefore undoubtedly have a major leg up on the naysayers or anyone who is afraid to think outside the box. Truthfully, "the box" has always seemed way too small to me anyway.

Got thoughts? Holla at me below.