I just found something that I wrote right after my apartment burned down some 10 years back.  What a great lesson I learned from it.  After the fire, I remember how people crawled out of the woodwork to give my son (then 9) and I help to get Giftback on our feet.  I am naturally a much better giver than I am a receiver, but seeing how happy everyone was to help made me realize the importance of receiving as well. "Fllipping the perspective" so to speak, instead of making the situation only about me - "I hate to ask for help," I made it about others - "I'm happy to give them their turn."  Admittedly not an easy task for me, but one that apparently I learned a whole lot from because here is what I wrote...


I'VE LEARNED... Anything can change in an instant.

I'VE LEARNED... There is so much more to life than things.

I'VE LEARNED... People are inherently good.

I'VE LEARNED... Love and community make you richer than money and stuff.

I'VE LEARNED... Fear can thwart happiness.

I'VE LEARNED... We are much stronger than we know.

I'VE LEARNED... Children can teach us more than most adults can.

I'VE LEARNED... Family is about love, not blood.

I'VE LEARNED... People show their love in their way, not in yours, and that is ok.

I'VE LEARNED... It's up to us to say what we need, not to expect others to know.

I'VE LEARNED... We create our own reality.

I'VE LEARNED... We are a reflection of those around us.

I'VE LEARNED... We get what we give.

I'VE LEARNED... There is a lesson in every situation.  We just need to be open to it.

I'VE LEARNED... A situation is simply that, it is our judgement that makes it good or bad.

I'VE LEARNED... Our situations do not only teach us, they are also learning opportunities for others.

I'VE LEARNED... Sometimes getting on the "wrong" train takes you to exactly where you need to be.

I'VE LEARNED... Sometimes the world needs to turn upside down to get right side up.

I'VE LEARNED... Giving and receiving are equal in value.

I'VE LEARNED... In order to receive, we must abandon pride, control and ego.

I'VE LEARNED... Being the receiver allows others the opportunity to give.

I'VE LEARNED... If no one receives, no one can give

I'VE LEARNED... To receive graciously, feel blessed, loved & simply say, "Thank you."

LISTEN UP PEEPS... By receiving you are actually giving.  You're giving another the opportunity to give and you are giving yourself the opportunity to forgo pride, ego and control so that you can graciously receive.  It ultimately gives both people the opportunity for spiritual growth... totally a win-win!

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