A beautiful soul shared this with me and I, in turn, share it with you...


Written by Larry Niven

There was once a man who lived in a large city.  Everyday he walked the same way to work. Some days it was raining, others it was sunny, but everyday he was out and on his way.  One day it was very rainy.  The streets were flooded and it was difficult to see what was really below.  As he continued on his way, he suddenly fell into an uncovered manhole.  The man felt dark, cold, alone and was afraid of drowning.  After a while, he found his way out and went home to rest.  The next day, the man continued on in his same way and fell yet again!  This was terrible.  Just as before, he felt overwhelmed but eventually found his way out again into the light.  The following day, the man was ready.  He knew there was a large uncovered manhole.  He knew he did not want to fall in it.  He continued on his way, but once again found the hole and went under.  Frustrated beyond belief, he angrily came up out of the hole, sulking all the way home.  He thought about the hole and how to avoid it.  He came up with an elaborate plan to miss it.  The next day he set out, hopeful and determined- he was going to make it across that street.  He trudged through the water thinking 'I know where it is, I am not going to fall.'  He stopped right in front of the hole and leaped.  Turns out he misjudged where it was and fell down into the dark water once more.  By this point the man felt so empty.  Everything he tried had failed, and he didn't know what to do anymore.  He knew about this dark place he went everyday, but he didn't know how to stay away from it.  Then a thought came to him.  'Maybe I don't have to go there at all.'  The next morning, he got up and walked down a different street.  He didn't fall, he made it to work and he had a great day.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... You create your reality.  If something isn't working for you, even if it's your thoughts, make just one little change and you will start creating the life you want.

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