He he he I gotta admit, I'm havin a bit of a Me-Mo (Me Moment) about this title.  Look, I had to come up with something sorta catchy so as not to scare y'all away.  Not that PMS as we know it can't be quite terrifying... I assure you, it can, but for some reason, Peeps tend to lace up their Nikes a break into a mad run when they hear the words Prayer, Meditation and Spirituality... WAIT!  STOP!  DON'T RUN!running-legs

What if i were to tell you that they are actually amazing tools to help you get what and where you want in your life and that for me these are not only an everyday part of my life but that they aren't scary at all?  It's funny (well, not really) but when I mention that part of my spirituality is that I pray and meditate on a daily, the general reaction I get is surprise - probably because I don't "look the part."  See, many of us equate prayer and meditation with being a certain type of person.  They imagine the typical goody goody, church going, righteous, holier than thou, pious, god fearing blah blah blah.  I can assure you peeps, I am NONE of the above.  I tell you what though, if you set aside the stigmas (that a lot of us have  as a result of being forced or scared  by organized religions) about these words, and open yourself up to seeing them in a different way - as useful tools, you will quickly see that praying, meditating and living your spirituality (your truth) will actually improve your life and make it easier.


Listen, I know we have been taught that we should kneel down and say words that have hardly any meaning for us but are "reverent"  when we speak to our Hp... I respectfully but wholeheartedly disagree.  I don't know about you but I don't use the words thine and thee when I talk to my friends (well maybe after a drink or three) but I assure you it's not common for me to say, "Hey Trace, art thou going to Gingers this night?" She'd probably respond with, "Art thou already there and drunk?"  I want a relationship with my Hp, so I decided a while back that I had to throw what I'd been taught out the window because what it actually did was it kept a distance between us.  I told THEM, "Hey, you made me, supposedly in your likeness right?  So I'm just gonna talk to you as Gemma, the way I would talk.  You can't hate on your creation now can you?"  So I don't kneel, I don't speak old English or Latin, and I don't do or say anything that I normally wouldn't, nope I simply treat my Hp as I would any other relationship with love and respect but with authentic Gem.  So to give you a visual (I always need one so why wouldn't you) I'm making my coffee in the morning and as my percolator is well... percolating, I'll be like, "G'mornin Speeps... What fabulosity do you have in store for me today." Then I usually chuckle to myself just for being a big ole lovable wise-ass.  Then I'll be like, "Hey by the way, thanks for that show last night that you led me to, it was pretty damn (yup I curse too) amazing.  Feel free to keep those coming. Oh I'm a little worried about JD and that cold he seems to not be able to shake... can you look into that.  Now as far as money?  I need to pay this and that and this and that and have no idea how to right now so I'm givin that to you cause it's too much for me so y'all work that out.  Ok speeps thanx.  Now let the games begin (that's my version of amen.)  Bottom line is there is no right or wrong way to pray just be authentically you.  Keep it real.


Okay same thing goes here.  When I first thought about meditating, it seemed impossible.  Wait, lemme get this straight, I am going to sit still and think of nothing. IMPOSSIBLE!  I am like a 14 year old boy.  I can't sit still, I'll start to giggle or get distracted or itchy or something.  Ok and I'm supposed to what? Clear my mind? Not think of anything.  There is a better chance of a snowstorm at the equator to be quite honest.  Meditation seemed out of the question for me.  Until I decided that I was going to meditate my way.  Wasn't so sure what that meant but I was going to try to figure it out.  So I first tried sitting upright in complete quiet and putting everything out of my mind, but that bored the life outta me.  I found myself sitting there thinking about when my mediation would be over with. Well that's not good.  So then I tried gentle music.  Better but still not quite right.  Then I tried sitting in my awesome comfy green recliner chair and playing native american drumming music and some "spa type " music.  Ok we were getting somewhere.  So I sat (reclined) with my music playing and tried to clear my mind.  Again... Impossible.  So I wondered... Why do I have to clear my mind?  Maybe I should just let it go to wherever it wants to.  So I did and that was cool because I would find myself dealing with stuff in a calmer manner because my body felt relaxed.  For instance if I had a bunch of things to do, I found myself prioritizing better because I was more chilled.  Hey, this meditation thing wasn't so bad.

One day, I had been reading the book, "So You Want To Be a Medium?" by Rose Vanden Eynden and she talks about having 4 specific spirit guides, I decided that I wanted to meet mine so I threw back my chair and got ready for take off.  I put on my music and let my mind go wherever it wanted to go to meet each of the four.  I must have been meditating for about an hour (which still to this day blows me away) when my son came to the living room and in his 17 year old ribbing tone said, "Oh holy one come back to me, I need pizza money"  wise-ass - the kid cracks me up.  Anyway...I opened my eyes and looked at the time and was like Uh-whoa.

Other times when I have a specific question, I'll ask the speeps to answer it in meditation and I usually come out with much more clarity on it than I had before the meditation.  And finally and this is awesome and I have shared this with many of my clients, you can communicate and have conversations with your speeps from the other side through meditation.  Yup that's right.  You just have to be willing to trust and believe whatever comes to your mind.  I do it with my mom all the time.  I'm like "Ok mom, I want to lose weight and be in great shape."  She'll be like, "Ummm well don't you think you should work out more?"  And I'm like, "Grrrrrrr... yeah I know but it bores me sometimes," "And she's like, "Well that Amy friend of yours, she goes to work later in the day, work out with her."  Then I'll usually get a text sometime later that day, and it's Amy saying, "Hey Gem, wanna work out tomorrow?"  Perfect.  I'm not even kidding, this stuff happens.  Like I said though you gotta go with it, not doubt it.  And yes, you'll feel a little crazy at first because you can't see or hear them physically but hey... welcome to my world.


Webster's definition of spiritual is - of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit.  My definition of practicing spirituality is doing any and everything to honor your/my spirit.  There is no right or wrong way to be spiritual and no one can tell you what will work for you except for you.  All I can do is tell you how I live in my truth.   I can't imagine my life without spirituality.  First of all, I don't consider myself a human being who is spiritual, but instead as a spiritual being who is human (right now anyway.)  Flipping the perspective makes me understand why spirituality is essential in my daily life.  Yes we are in human form, but the spirit (aka soul) is what is a constant and what will go on long after this life and long before the next.  With that as my base, I have no choice but to live from a place of nurturing spirit first, everything falls into place from there.  So how do I nurture spirit?  I assure you that your spirit will speak to you, you just have to listen.  Some call it a gut feeling, some call it intuition, I believe what Esther and Jerry Hicks teach in their Law Of Attraction series of books, that our emotions are a "guidance system" to letting us know what will honor our spirit.  If it feels bad it's not right for me, good, it is.   Again, spirit will tell you, the key is that you have to listen and trust it.  My golden rule is ALWAYS honor spirit and keep it's flame burning brightly.  Never allow anyone or anything to ever darken or threaten to put it out.

The other critical aspect of living in my spirituality is NO FEAR.  That is something I don't like about organized religions.  I don't think I have to fear my Hp to be loved and given gifts.  Fear can never be the basis of any loving relationship.  I am allowed to question any and everything and choose what feels right to me as opposed to being force fed what I should and should not believe without any explaination.  The idea that if I don't "tow the line," I will be rejected by both the religion and it's followers is not only ridiculous to me but just for the record, it's totally judgmental and not very loving at all.  I don't practice my spirituality because I'm afraid not to, I practice it because it makes sense and makes me feel good and it helps me to grow and be(come) a great me.

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