I wake up feeling off. At this point in my life and career, I'm enough of an energy expert to know when there is energy looming around me that isn't mine. I am an empath and claresentient (amongst my many energetic gifts) which in plain terms means I'm a gigantic energy magnet. (See Empathing 101 for more info on empathing,) I go through my normal checks in my head... Do I have clients? Was anyone close to me upset and I pulled it in? Was I around anyone funky? I trace it back to a couple of weeks ago when I let someone into my energy that I had my suspicions about and turned out to be a wolf in sheeps clothing and knocked me way off center. Yep energy and it's affects on us is something society doesn't give enough attention to. It's no joke when someone's energy hits you wrong and it can sometimes take a while to get back to self, but back to my story.

So I'm off center and I'm scheduled to go work out in the park with my trainer. I know at this point that working out is not only a good idea it's pretty much mandatory to help release negative energy for me. So as hard as it is, because other people energy can make you lethargic and unmotivated, I force myself to get up and dressed and head out to my session.

When I get to the park, my trainer, Carrie Schecter (who I call Redbull because she has so much energy that she motivates me the way the energy drink does) is waiting for me. Always so positive and authentic which is why I was drawn to her in the first place. She can immediately tell I'm off. "What's up?" She asks. "I'm jacked up," I tell her. My energy got zapped by someone a few weeks ago and I'm having an aweful time getting back to me."

We walk over to our usual spot by the kids playground where the ground is soft and it won't be so hard on my knees but immediately get shooed by a man with a cleaning machine who is tending to the ground. I'm a little annoyed because I had my head set on that space but I continue to go past his area to some benches. I sit down to put on my sneakers and wrap my hands (for boxing) when the man shoos us again. What the hell? I think to myself knowing that no good can come of me opening my mouth right now with my energy so jostled.

I brat out for a second, "I'm not going anywhwere! I'm going to sit right here and put my shoes on." I exclaim. Although just hearing myself I'm already aware of my obvious tantrum. Redbull lets me have my moment and then calmly says," Maybe we are supposed to be over there." She points to a spot away from the playground and more in nature. "I mean I'm going to make you stick your hands in dirt before we leave anyway to try to help ground you," she finishes as she begins to walk over to it. I trust her so I follow.

The second my feet hit the dirt/grass area I feel better. I sit down on the ground to stretch and feel so much better. "Look around," she says, "we are encircled by trees. You need this." I instinctively take a deep breath in. She's right. "Yeah," I respond, "It's crazy, it's like The Universe knew and led us here." It's at that moment that I realize that had the worker man not shoo'd us away, we wouldn't have found this amazing spot that was pulling energy from me from the second I got to it. For those of you who are new to the concept of the exchange of energies and empathing, there are many practical ways to release energy. Nature is one amazing resource for this. (See Empathing 101 to learn more.)

We don't start the workout right away. Redbull knows that I just need to be in nature and let it do some healing work on me. So as nature's working on me, we start to talk about power/totem animals. Now before you roll your eyes because you think I'm getting too woo woo, out there for you, chill out and stay open! None of these concepts are new and unfortunately our language is limited so there aren't alot of cool words to always choose from to describe stuff, trust me I wish there were.

If you've ever sat and watched any animal you know that they are truly spiritual beings. We convince ourselves that we do so much for them, but in truth, they bring us all sorts of healing wisdom and messages all the time. We are just too caught up in our own personal drama most of the time to notice what they are giving.

Native Americans call these messages and healing wisdom, animal medicine, makes sense doesn't it? So when an animal shows up in your life albeit during wake or in your dreams, it is because you are in need of that animals wisdom/medicine. Now I'm just re-learning this stuff (I had a past life regression and found out that I was a great shaman at one time who worked with animals) so I don't yet know a whole lot about it.  I have read a few different things about animal totems and guides though and some believe we all only have one totem and others believe we have up to 9 different ones. I plan to look more into it but for now I'm going with what I saw in a meditation I did where I asked to see my totem(s) and for me, I saw 2.

She reads to me what their medicine is and it's crazy accurate to my gifts and what I do. I feel this odd inner stregnth like it's reminding me who I am. After a while, between nature doing it's thing and hearing about my power animals, I feel lighter and more like myself. Boxing gloves on, I have a kick ass workout. I know it sounds corny, but as I leave, I thank the trees and the earth for my healing because I'd thank a masseuse or a healer for doing the same, so it makes sense.

I think back and have a moment for my previous awesome trainer and now great friend Johanna Thomsen who I trained with when my empathing was at its worst because I didn't understand it. It was sometimes so bad that all we could do in a session was breathing excercises. Patient and gentle she would say, "If this is what your body needs then we should honor that," a foriegn concept to an athelete who always pushed it way past the limit. How blessed have I been to have had 2 badass trainers who took the time to really understand me and my work. I'm glad I allowed myself to be led to them.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... It's so easy to forget that the Universe (God) is always working in your favor and will always lead you if you allow it. Yes sometimes it will put a very "enthusiastic" park worker in your path to shoo you from a spot because it has a better place in mind, and sometimes it will show up in the form of a rude receptionist who disconnects your call because it's not the right time for something, but that doesn't mean you aren't being led.

Your work is to stop judging situations as bad. No victim mentalitites welcome here. Abandon being a know it all and thinking you know the plan, you may know a plan but the Universe always knows a quicker better one. Don't get caught up in false pride and ego or you will block your blessings (many of which may be in disguise.) Stay in a place of joy and gratitude and those blessings will become more clear to you. Constantly remind yourself that the Universe (God) always got your back so no matter what's going on for you, just go through it with the faith and confidence that you are being led to who, what and where is perfect for you.

Got thoughts? Holla at me below!