I know, I know, I've been missing for a minute, but at this point we know that sometimes I do that... Never without reason though, and I always come back.  This time, I must admit was somewhat self indulgent but so what... it's a great habit to get into to spoil yourself from time to time. So... it was my birth-month... that's right, I said birth-MONTH.  Anyone who knows me knows that I celebrate the whole month in a HUGE way and boy this one was no exception.  Talk about incredible.  I got mad love from peeps.  Had the best trip ever with amazing friends, a karaoke party at my favorite Brooklyn bar (I think I've actually had 3 parties thus far and I have one special dinner left to go) and I met some really incredible new peeps to boot.  WOW...It's damn good to be Gem!!!

During my fabulous month, I found myself in different situations where I was able to experience "love."  Now a lot of times when we hear the word love we think of it on a romantic tip, but I'm not just talking romantic.  I'm talking about love of all types... A friends mother visiting her daughter all the way from England.  Friends coming together to celebrate mine and others birthdays.  Years of marriage that went on way too long.  Brand new love that came out of no where and blossomed into a full blown relationship.  Family ties that should have been cut years ago.  Non-blood families that find each other.  Gay partners that have been together 20 plus years that can finally marry.  And the list goes on and on.

All these experiences reminded me of what love REALLY is.  Not at all a new concept but one I definitely think we all need reminding of from time to time.  So here goes...

Love sees you for exactly who you are at that very moment and never tries to change you to accommodate selfish needs.  Love is never guilting, fearful, abusive or shaming.  Love doesn't take advantage or play on your weaknesses.  Love never requires you to stay where you don't want to be and likewise love never holds what doesn't want to stay.  Love is free.  Love allows and empowers your journey, even if it doesn't agree.  Love appreciates and never takes advantage.  Love is comfortable.  Love is kind.  Love is safe.  Love is non-judgemental.  Love nurtures.  Love is limitless.  Love is ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS without conditions.

Bottom line is that pure love, true love, real love is simple, easy and feels good... PERIOD!  If not, then there is ego involved and anything ego driven is fear based which is the opposite of love, so don't get it twisted.  Love NEVER EVER takes away or diminishes you or your spirit in any way shape or form but instead makes your spirit flame burn bright.  Maybe you've been taught that love is hard work, exhausting, drama filled or means sacrificing or giving up part of yourself or your dreams for others happiness.  THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE!  I'm sure my friends mom would love to have her back in England but love allows her daughter to take her journey and instead, mom comes to visit her as often as possible without guilt or conditions.  That is love.

SO LISTEN UP PEEPS... Take a moment of gratitude for all of those who give you unconditional love in your life.  That includes yourself.  Hopefully you, like me, are blessed with quite a few who do.  If on the other hand you aren't getting the love that you deserve, find where the fear exists and choose to release it.  Remember where there is fear love cannot exist as they are opposites, so to be totally in love, you must be totally fear-less.

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