Trust & Believe

Probably my favorite mantra!  But not always the easiest to live by especially when you are going through something unpleasant or scary. A few psychic friends of mine prepared me for what was going to happen this September - I'd lose my day job and go on to do my spiritual work full time.  Alas on the last day of September, last Wednesday, my boss called me in and in the most amicable way, "let me go."  This coming Friday is my last day there.  Even having been prepared I have to admit, not knowing exactly what will happen next is definitely a little scary - I am human after all.

Trust & Believe! Trust & Believe! I just keep saying that in my head and somewhere in my spirit, I know it will all unfold perfectly and beautifully.You see, faith is not about only believing when things are going great or the way that I think they should.  It's about believing even when I don't understand what the hell is happening.  It's knowing that there is a master plan and a higher power at work and that everything is going to work out exactly as it should and probably better than I can imagine.

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