Trust in Advance

Ok so I admit it... When it comes to the earthly realm - people that is - I definitely have some trust issues.  It's wierd because usually we trust what we can see, but I have a much easier time trusting my Hp and Speople than I do trusting earthly beings - aka people.  Recently I was dealing with a major trust issue and at one point I was definitely struggling with it.  I decided, as I do most of the time with something that is bigger than me, to turn it over to THEM and then totally focus out. I asked JD, my son, if he was hungry - kind of a stupid question to ask a 17 year old, they are ALWAYS hungry.  We decided to order from a local deli place.  We chose what we wanted from the menu and I called to place the order.  The guy that picked up took my order and my address and assuming they took credit cards, I said, "I'll give you my card number." "Oh," he replied, I'm sorry, I don't know how to use the credit card machine," he said apologetically.  I told him I'd used one before and could walk him through it if he wanted.  He agreed to give it a shot.  "Ok," I began, "First punch in the number.  Next..." I walked him through the whole thing but when it came time to enter the amount, he hadn't rung up the order so he had to stop and do that and it took a while and the machine timed out.  We did it again.  It didn't work.  And again.  No luck.  One final time.  NOTHING!   "Oh well,"  I said... as we both laughed a little, "We tried our best." He agreed.  "I'll have to order from some place else this time but I will definitely order from you in the future," I assured him.  Just as I was about to say my goodbyes he surprised me with, "No wait, I will send you your order.  Just pay me when you can.  I trust you."

Ummm WHOA!

The order came.  The food was fab. But more important I learned to trust someone in advance.  Most of us will say, "You have to earn trust," and will wait until someone passes our little tests and proves that they didn't hurt us in whatever we expected they would.  However what my deli friend taught me is that it's much better to expect someone to do the right thing from the jump.  Remember the law of attaction - like attracts like - so if you expect trust you will find the trustworthy.

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