It's so easy to lose sight of what we have.  So many times we have something or someone wonderful in our lives and we get so used to it/them being there that we take things for granted.  In doing so, sometimes we lose sight of their value.  We get so caught up in the disillusionment of what we think we are missing that we go on a desperate search for the very same thing that we already have. Imagine that you have a bright orange coffee mug.  One morning, you make your coffee as usual and as you are about to grab your mug, you notice on the counter next to your coffee maker, a catalog you received.  On the cover is the same mug you have but in the season's "hottest" color.  You impulsively decide that it is better that the one you have.  In fact you've gone so far as to convince yourself that your life would be greatly improved (and naturally your coffee would taste better) if only you had that mug.  You've done such a good job of convincing yourself of what you "lack" by focusing on the picture of the mug in front of you that you've now forgotten about the actual mug that is sitting right behind you on the counter only inches away.  You have completely looked away from the mug that has served you extremely well for many years.  To make matters worse, when you finally realize that your perfectly good mug is still there for you, unfortunately for you, the coffee that you brewed has now gone cold and bitter.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... While change can totally be good and is definitely necessary at times, be careful not to take for granted the blessings you already possess.


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