Shitty day? Bad mood? Picked up someone’s negative vibes? Change it up. At any given moment, you always have the power to change the flava of your day. How? Put on some cool music. Meditate. Watch a funny vid. Say thank you 100 times in a row (my fave.) Sing and/or dance. Go for a walk or workout. Hang out with positive people. You may not be able to control your environment or how others act, but you sure enough can control what vibe you choose to be on. And here’s awesome...Getting yourself to a high and happy vibe where you feel great (feelings deem the vibe you’re on) will create a reality where negative people can’t last. Darkness can’t survive in a room filled with light. Here’s a shortcut... Make it a habit to start your day in a place of gratitude, you'll quickly get on a high vibe and start attracting likewise. If however something does happen to bring you down... Don't sit there playin victim and bitchin about it, that'll only make it worse. Take a moment... Woosah yourself Do something that makes you smile and turn it the hell around. #energywisdomPASS IT ON!