Ok so while I'm getting amazing feedback on the videos, a few of you have expressed how much you miss my writing.  So not that my YouTube CHANNEL  is thriving, thank you for your support, I'm going to go back to writing as well, as per your request.  

So I was going through a moment of frustration earlier.  Ya know, that moment where you think you know better than the universe does about the timing that something "should happen"  in your life.  One of my hmmm, let's call it less strong traits, is that when I think I'm ready for something, you can't tell me otherwise, and if given the slightest opportunity I will go for it, but often times without thinking it out in any way.

Maybe it comes from years of being a swimmer where I was trained to just dive in without even testing the temperature of the water or from being psychic and feeling the future so strongly that I assume it "should" be now, alas, wherever it comes from, often times, the moment I want to do something, it's on bigtime and even if the universe is telling me to wait, I swear that I know best and I'm right.  Ok and I admit it, If I feel like the universe is blocking me in anyway (which ultimately i have ALWAYS learned is without question in my best interest, Ihave definitely been guilty of having some pretty major brat attacks about it at times.  Hey,  I'm a work in progress too and perfect is boring.

So, I was working through one of those moments this morning, quietly to myself, when JD, my 21 year old son comes out of his room and engages me in a conversation, not abnormal at all for us especially over morning coffee.  Somehow (not surprising at all) the conversation turns to the two sides of the "Universal timing" coin and we begin to talk about peoples tendency to do one of two things when not trusting the universe's timing in a situation.  Either you are a "Gun jumper" - Someone who the second they have an idea throws themselves haphazardly into it or a "Toe dipper" - Someone who stands by the pool forever dipping their toe in waiting for the conditions to be perfect whilst trying to convince themselves that they are ready to jump in.  I shared with him the issue I was having and he spit this knowledge at me...

"Ma, don't jump the gun.  Remember what you always say, 'It's about the journey and there is no such thing as a destination because you will get to what you want and it's only a part of the journey because you will go on to more.  It's like in Mario Brothers (video game.)  If Mario didn't pick up all the right stuff along the way, he wouldn't be able to save the princess, because he wouldn't have the stuff he needed to do it.  Relax and take enjoy picking up the stuff you need because if you don't acquire what you need then you are just pushing the thing you want away further and further because the universe will see you aren't ready.  A runner doesn't just run a marathon, they train and pick up things along the way like endurance and strength, etc.  And it's not just about the finish line, it's about the experience of the run that actually fulfills them."


JD sees that I get it and am looking at him with total pride and gratitude (also not unusual as he's always been wise beyond.) He shrugs and says upon his exit, "Hey, you raised me."

LISTEN UP PEEPS:  The Universe is like a great coach.  Sometimes the player (you) thinks they're ready but the coach know's they need a little more of something.  And sometimes the player thinks they're not ready and the coach knows they are.  If something hasn't shown up in your life, don't fret!  Keep on in your journey picking up everything you need and when it's time, you will be ready.  On the other hand, if something has shown up, don't doubt it.  Even if you think you aren't ready, you have EVERYTHING you need to go to the next level.