"When Gemma, when?" Probably The biggest question I get asked, usually in conjunction with "Will I meet my soulmate," "Will I get my big break," "Will I have money" etc. We live in such an instant gratification time that we don't have any damn patience anymore. Trying to force things before their time won't work out in your favor or be well received. Ever eat half cooked rice? Too early is just as bad as too late. 

But here's what's good... You don't need to stress timing. As long as you're taking care of business, doing everything you can to step toward and allow your desire (which sometimes btw means chillin out and not jumpin the gun) you're good. The Universe is in charge of timing and does it way better than you ever could anyway, so stay in your lane! Instead, find things that inspire you and are fun! The more you enjoy the now, the less you'll stress the past or worry about the future. Then before you know it, when the time is right, your desire will manifest. #energywisdom