Ok so today something craaaaaaaaaazy happened to me.

Now… I’ve been told it was going to, but ya know how you hear something and think, “Yea right,” because you can’t even fathom it. Ok… so we all know how I ran from the whole “talkin to dead peeps” thing. Wasn’t exactly my first career choice on my college application. Well…since I’ve embraced it and have been doing it on a daily for some time now, I’ve been told the same thing about myself from other psychics who have read me. “Your gift will get bigger.” “You don’t know the magnitude of your gift.” One actually pinpointed what that thing would be. “Gem, you are a trans-medium,” he said one day at a group I go to for psychics and those interested in this crazy little thing we do. Trans-what what? I had no idea what a trans-medium was. So I asked him, “What the hell is that?” “The dead will speak through you,” he said. “Umm they do already,” I responded. “No! They will actually use your body to speak through you.” My response… “AH HELL NO!!! That’s downright creepy.”

Guess what happens next?

So today I was giving a reading to a client. Her friend came through. Now, I’m pretty tough on the speople that come through in that I really want them to prove who they are to my client. So I kinda started grilling him to give me something that she could undoubtedly identify was him. Suddenly, my speech got very very slow and i told her that i felt the need to talk very slow. She said that in life, he spoke extremely slow. I then started to feel totally spaced out and away from my body, even more so than when I usually cloud jump. Suddenly she said, “Oh my god that’s his face. Your face doesn’t even look like yours anymore, it looks like his. That’s his smile.” Apparently, I smiled the exact same way that he used to. But she said it was much more than that. That my face actually changed and didn’t even look like it was mine anymore that it looked more like the way his used to look. When she said that I remember thinking, “Holy crap, it’s happening.” I believed it would but never knew how or when. I gotta admit I also got kinda scared so I purposely came back into myself and when I did, my speech quickened and I felt like me again. We looked at each other and I was like, “Whoa…Holy crap…What the hell.”

I just finished a long day of readings and am exhausted writing this post but I needed to tell someone because this was huge and exciting and I feel the need to process it. I don’t know how or when or if it will happen again… I suppose I will get used to it like everything else but I’m totally still trippin out about it and admittedly a little scared. It was also very taxing on my body so I will go now and take a much needed salt bath, have some tea and lay down because I’m also in alot of pain coming back into my body and I gotta admit still a little shaken up… in a good way tho…I think.

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