*** TREE HUGGING DISCLAIMER - Now y'all know that I try to avoid anything that sounds too "kumbaya", "friendship circle", "airy-fairy" or "tree-hugging", not that I have any opposition to those peeps (some of my great friends are all of the above) but it's just not "Gemma."  However... there is some terminology in this blog (toward the end) that may contradict that.  Let the record show that I had no choice.  In order to maintain the integrity of the piece, hard as I tried, and as much as it pains me and threatens my swag, sometimes, there are really no other words to describe energetic/spiritual things.  I will continue to search for alternatives, but until that day, bear with me, I may have to hug a tree or two.***

One of the things I love about my work is that I have a huge clientelle of professional creatives: Actors, musicians, comedians, producers, writers etc. Creatives seem to be very open to believing in what the physical eye can't see, which in my opinion is what makes them so talented and passionate about their work.  Often times I am blessed to be given tickets to their shows as a token of their appreciation and coming from a creative backround myself, I definitely try to attend as many as I possibly can.

“Joe,” (obviously not his real name) a regular client of mine, is a dancer and comes to me this time because he feels stuck in his career. His mother is crossed over and naturally I've come to know her very well, as she show's up every time "Joe" sees me.  She tells him of an upcoming great opportunity in the form of a dance show that may initially not seem like a big deal but for him it could be.  She insists that he not only go for it, even if he doesn't feel ready, but also, that he invite a very prominent choreographer with who he desperately wants to work.

She talks to him about recognizing his talent and about his lack of confidence and she apologizes for having been so critical toward him.  She realizes how it has played into his being insecure in his talents and explains how her own fears of failure played a major role in her actions toward him. She really wants him to let go of that now and see himself through a lens that is no longer self-critical, or influenced by the energy of someone else. He says he has been working on that in himself (which she acknowledges) and adds that he will definitely continue to do so.

When the opportunity comes to him, just as she said it would, he seizes it. To express his gratitude to me for being ready to "go for it,"  he gives me a couple of tickets to come see the performance.  I'm excited.  I love the theatre and I particularly love watching my clients perform. I'm always proud to be part of the process in getting them there.  I am very excited to see "Joe" dance. I have no expectations and therefore no idea what a brilliant dancer he really is.  I am in awe as he dances; we all are.  Standing O when he is done... Bravo!

After the show a bunch of us are standing around "Joe," including the prominent choreographer, who not only showed up, but seems very impressed with "Joe."  He may have a poker face on but energetically he is impressed.

Before I go any further, I need to take a moment to explain something about energy. Even though a lot of people hear the word energy and think it's airy fairy talk, it's not, it's scientific. Now, we can't see energy, which is where it gets complicated for us.  Because we live in a physical world, we tend to think that only things we can see are real. But let me remind you that we don't see air but I promise you, if your air gets taken away you will quickly become aware of how real it is.

Think of energy the way you think of germs.  We don't see germs, but we sure know they exist and can spread them, right?  Same with energy, our body's can't contain it, leaving it completely free to roam about the cabin. Therefore, we all to some extent, seep into and affect one another with the energy (that comes from our thoughts and emotions) that we are emitting. It's called empathing and there are many different degrees of it, but we all do it.  I am (along with all the other Clairs) what is called a Clairsentient, which translated means "clear feeling."  This is empathing at a whole other level, where not only do I feel energy, but I am also able to translate it.  (I will do future blog posts explaining my energetic gifts, our energetic vibration, the exchange of energy and how it all affects us in our daily lives.)  But for now, let's simply think of energy like we do germs; it's spreadable.

So back at the theater, we are standing there all congratulating "Joe," telling him how amazing he is and what a bright future he has and like I said, as an expert at reading energy, whether from the other side or here on earth, it is crystal clear and apparant to me (energetically) that the choreographer is totally blown away by "Joe."

Suddenly, my attention gets pulled to "Jen," one of "Joe's" "friends" who is two people away from me.  I feel this really weird "vibe" (a.k.a. energy... all energy emits a vibration... future post) going from "Jen" to "Joe" and the more that people laud "Joe," the stronger that vibe gets. Now again, many, if not most  people standing there, either wouldn't notice at all, or may feel something weird and just shrug it off.  By "Jen's" physical actions, she seems nothing but supportive and empowering.  However, I can feel that vibe strong; it's jealousy and insecurity, mixed with a bit of sadness and regret.

Apparantly "Joe" can feel it too. Within a few moments, he goes from confident strong and sure to doubtful, insecure and worried.  "Joe" is now unconsciously (energetically) sending a vibe to the choreographer that he is some sort of demi-god with which "Joe" is unworthy of working. Eventually, as the vibe gets stronger, "Joe" actually starts to undermine and diminish himself in his speak, especially in conversation with the choreographer. This isn't good! Naturally, I feel the need to do something as most of us will, but this is the moment where you have to be very careful to make smart choices in your actions.

I realize that I better quickly change my focus before I pull the energy to me and get sucked in. I focus my attention back on "Joe" and instead, I decide to do the only positive thing that we can ever do in a situation like this.  First, I make sure not to make any of it about me, which would only add to it and bring me in on it. This can only happen if I identify or commiserate with the energy (in this case jealousy, insecurity, sadness and regret.)

Next, it's time to whip out the "love-blaster" (my invisible oozie that "blasts" love at whomever I point it at. Well, that's the Calvin and Hobbes visual that I have when I blast peeps.) What it really is, is that I'm focusing the energy of love (a.k.a. the infinite light of the Universe that we all have constant access to) through my crown (top of the head) chakra, out from my heart chakra to whomever I want to send it to, knowing that if energy is contagious in a negative way, then likewise it is contagious in a positive way.

What I know is that positive (light) always trumps negative (dark.) Think of a light switch in a room.  The second you turn it on, the darkness goes away. There is no such thing as a dark switch. So here I am, just blasting everyone with love and within seconds, "Jen," realizes she needs to make a phone call and leaves the circle and almost immediately, "Joe's" vibe becomes once again positive as his energy returns to normal.  Who knows if it was my love blaster that saved the day or if it was a divine intervention from a much higher source (or "Joe's mom") or if it was a collaboration of all of it.  All I know is that negativity had to go and luckily this time it did.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... Energy is for real and it has no boundaries. Beware of who you are allowing into your circle because they will undoubtedly bring their energy with them. Should you find yourself in a situation where negative energy abounds, be aware and take appropriate action to protect yourself.

Likewise, take responsibility for what YOU are spreading.  It's funny to me how if someone is about to get the flu, they are beheld as considerate when they call out sick from work, because they don't want to spread their germs.  But if they are in a foul mood, many have no qualms about sharing it with everyone, the more the merrier it seems and then they will say, "Wow, I feel better."  Yeah because you just shared it with everyone you could.  Not cool!!!

YOU are totally responsible for what you emit to the world. You wouldn't go around vomitting on people at random, so don't energetically vomit on anyone either.  If you find yourself in a bad way, it's up to YOU to work through it.  Please keep it to yourself and instead of spreading it, write in a journal, go work out, use Universal resources like nature and the sun to release that energy.  Look to gratitude and love to help you to rise above the negative vibe. That's YOUR work, no one elses.  If we all begin to take responsibility, do our work and choose not to spread the negativity, the possibilities of healing the world are endless.