Someone recently posted this on Facebook and I was blown that by the time I had finished reading it, I had made it my normal.  This got me thinking... Its amazing what our brains will make normal or, how we so readily buy into either society's or our immediate environment's idea of normal.  I flashed back to some situations that I have been in that were totally screwed up but after a while, for the sake of my own sanity and making sense of stuff, they became normal.

One of the several doctor's offices I worked at while in college was pretty chaotic, which would have been fine, if it were just because it was busy.  The office vibe, however, was way too tense for my liking.  The doctor was downright abusive; yelling at will if he thought you made a mistake or wanted you to do something quicker.  More shocking though was how quickly this behavior was dismissed by all the employees.  "Oh, that's just how he is," they would say.  "He doesn't really mean it."  " Don't be so sensitive."  "Just brush it off."  But to me it was wrong, well at first anyway.  Eventually, I was convinced by pretty much everyone there that I was just being overly sensitive and I needed to toughen up.  But I was still really miserable and somewhere deep in my spirit I knew that it wasn't right, at least not for me.

Thankfully, no matter how much we choose to live in oblivion, our spirit always knows our truth and will constantly do what is necessary to remind us of that truth.  This usually translates to the environment becoming worse or harder to bear and/or the feeling of dreading being there, eventually forcing us to escape in some way, shape or form.  I intended and "tried" to leave twice.  (I put the word "tried" in quotes because "trying" actually means NOT doing.)  Each time I "tried," I was convinced (via guilt and manipulation) to do "the noble or right thing,"  and against my better judgement, I would stay, only to become more miserable.

Finally I decided that I matter more.  I felt no joy and my spirit flame was dim when I was there.  I suppose the fear of getting stuck there for life as my career superseded  the fear of telling them I was leaving and with that came the courage to do it.  So, I faxed in my resignation.  Yup that's right, I faxed in a piece of paper with two words, "I quit," signed Gemma.   This was pre-text and I knew if I spoke to anyone I would probably allow myself to be manipulated to change my mind yet again out of guilt.  I had to get out of there by any means necessary, so if that meant not speaking to anyone, so be it.  My journey, my way!  One second (maybe less) after I faxed it in, I felt like I had dropped a huge bag of rocks off my back.  Instant relief!  I literally felt my vibration raise, there was no doubt I did the right thing...for me.

So...What is your normal?  Do this quick test.  Take a separate piece of paper for each of your environment(s); work, school, home, social etc.  Don't over think anything.  Just write exactly what you see and feel when you are in each of them as they are currently.  Include people, location, attitudes etc.  Now take a separate piece of paper for each environment again and this time, describe what those same environments would look like "In your perfect world."  And here, the sky is the limit.  Here again include people, location, attitudes except this time make them your ideal.  Now, compare them.  Have you created the reality you want?

LISTEN UP PEEPS... Remember these 3 words... I MATTER MOST!  Make them a daily mantra.  Say them until you believe them.  You aren't on this earth to suffer or to sacrifice your journey for others.  No higher power has ever said that.  You are here to create and experience and then create and experience some more.  So if your "normal" is a situation that dims your spirit flame and doesn't bring you joy.  GET OUT!  You never HAVE to do anything.  It's all choice.  Granted it may not be easy logistically, or emotionally because maybe you have a lot of ties to where you are, or you are scared of change.  Bottom line is, though, that you don't HAVE to be anywhere that you don't want to be, EVER!

Further, if you are staying in a sitch to please others, you are actually doing a disservice to EVERYONE involved.  No one must ever come before YOU LOVING YOU.  You have to love yourself before you can truly love anyone else.  You know the rule... Put your oxygen mask on before you help anyone else with theirs.  Trust me, there is nothing positive that comes out of being a moral martyr.  It's actually totally ego based and definitely not the spiritual high road.  Instead peeps, please choose to love yourself first and then you will have a surplus of love and joy to emanate out to others.

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