UGGGGG... It's one of those days... Alarm clock SCREAMS .... Snooze button 10 times..... Covers over my head to block the cold air trying to infiltrate the little oven I've created under my thick fuzzy blanket and quilt. Dammit! I have things to do. I need to figure out how to motivate and I need to figure it out fast... LIGHTBULB MOMENT

Today... I'm not going to set any mammoth goals for myself. I'm not even going to set any sort of big ones.  Nope, no high expectations whatsoever. Today, I'm going to celebrate every little thing I do. I'm going to celebrate that I even got up and let water touch me when I took a shower. I'm going to applaud myself for getting dressed, making myself a cup of coffee (that's quite delicious I must say) and that I actually sat down at my desk and wrote.  I'm going to celebrate every single thing that I accomplish today as if I'd just run the NYC marathon for the first time.

What's funny (and awesome) is that when I let go of huge expectations and big and sometimes ridiculous goals and simply celebrate all the "little things that I do get done, not only I do I feel better but my day starts to get easier and I accomplish more than I thought I would.

Having one of these days too?  I totally feel you. Instead of thinking about everything you have left to do, simply look at all the little things that you have done and are doing and congratulate yourself for them. I'll start... I celebrate you for even turning on your computer and reading this... Here's to you my friend!

How do you get through your tough days? Holla at me below!