NOTE: This post was written on last Tuesday, June 1.  Due to technical difficulties I was unable to post it until today.

"Ya know what it is Gem," my girlfriend Nancy said very no holds barred to me, "You aren't pushing yourself.  That's what it is, you need to push yourself and sweat more.  So here's what's going to happen.  You are going to sign up for your first race with the NY roadrunners club.  It's 4 miles and it's this Sunday."

Ya know when you are saying one thing in your head but your mouth says something else?  Well, for some god forsaken reason I heard myself say, "OK." When every fiber of my being was really screaming, "Woman are you on crack?"  But there it was.  Somehow I had committed to the unthinkable.  Running.  And for no good reason.

Ok, backstory...Up until a few years ago I was in good shape until... Yada yada yada...blah blah blah (meaning I am choosing to pass over the hideous details that led to the fact that) as a result, I gained about 65 plus pounds.  Prior to the gain I was very athletic all my life - mainly a soccer player and a swimmer.  But these are team sports peeps, they are fun and most important for me, I never realized I was doing cardio when participating.  I ran to play.  But running just to run?  Ridiculous in my mind.

For anyone, being 65 plus pounds overweight is pretty unhealthy but definitely with the work I do, it is especially not good.  Let me explain.  When I do psychic medium work, "I raise my vibration" (which I guess scientifically means that my molecules speed up) so that I can communicate with THEM, the speople.  In their dimension (the other side) they vibrate faster than we do.  When I communicate, I feel weightless and very very unaware of my physical body which makes sense because I'm sort of away from my physical body when I do it.  Coming down (as I call returning to my physical body) can sometimes be rough because aches and pains etc. return as does weight.  It would be transition enough to return to a healthy sized body, but returning to one that is carrying an extra 65 plus pounds can feel like boulders are attached to my ankles.

All that to say that lately I have been praying and saying repeatedly that I want to lose weight.  Telling THEM that THEY need to send me a sign on how to do it.  Admittedly, I've gotten pretty adamant about it lately with THEM and so I suppose THEY felt that being muscled by my 5 foot nothing 110 pound girlfriend (who by the way is an avid runner and in training for NYC marathon 2010)  into a 4 mile run was the perfect answer to my prayers.  THEY have some warped sense of humor if you ask me.  So there it is.  I just became an official member of New York Road Runners and am about to run (well, I will wog - walk/jog) my first race this Sunday.  If all goes as planned I will ultimately run the 2011 NYC Marathon.  (I need to complete 9 races to secure a spot.)

Here's the deal PEEPS. Our prayers are answered.  We just gotta hear THEM and be willing to take the journey, even if it's NOTHING like what you expected.  I don't know where this running journey (which I will blog about as it unfolds) will lead me, I just know somehow it feels right and oddly spiritual so I'm jumping on this crazy train and taking things one race at a time.   My goal for Sunday...simple... A fainting free, throwing up free wog in central park where I ultimately cross the finish line.  Tune in Monday... I'll let you know how it went.

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