Yellow Butterfly

I got to go on my ATV tour in St. Kitts after all.  I don’t even have words to describe what I felt riding an ATV thru St. Kitts mountains… we stopped at a plantation (very mixed feelings here,) we learned about the foliage of the land, we got fresh limes and ate guava right off the tree.  We learned about medicinal aspects of some plants and how the lipstick tree got it’s name (when you open the plant up the inside contains a red substance and if you put it on your lips it looks like lipstick.)  It was beyond awesome. It was especially exciting to me because I recently (3 years ago) found out that my birth father (I'm adopted) is from the neighboring island of Anguilla and that some of his band mates (he's a musician) had come from St. Kitts.  See prior to 25 years ago St. Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla were very interconnected under the rule of England and traveling and or migrating from one to the other was very common and a simple ferry ride away.  About 25 years or so ago St. Kitts and Nevis became independent from England whereas Anguilla remained under their rule.  So there are alot of traces of Anguilla still and alot of Anguillans on St. Kitts as there were more employment opportunities there.  It saddened me a little that I couldn't just jump on a ferry and watch my birth father perform (I know where he plays and it is my dream to see him perform.)  But I will get there when the time is right.  In the meantime I asked every local possible about anything they knew about Anguilla.

All through the tour, I kept seeing this yellow butterfly fly past me.  My mom always sends me yellow butterflies to let me know something magical is going to take place.  At some point, I see the yellow butterfly fly past and I hear in my head, "Wait till the grand finale," and I know THEY are talking about something happening by or at the end of the tour.  We continue on for about another hour and when the tour finishes, we go sit with Ivan the tour guide who gives us Limeade and raisin bread.

At some point I made mention that I'm part Anguillan and he said, "So am I.  My mother is from Anguilla."  The people I was with (knowing my birth father's last name is Rogers) proceeded to ask, "What was her family name?" "Rogers," he replied.  I shot up like an arrow almost dropping my delicious limeade.  "WHAT?" I exclaimed, he asked why and I told him that was my dad's name.  He smiled.  I then asked him how likely it is that there are two Rogers families on a 17 mile island.  "It's not," he said.  "Rogers are Rogers, all the same line."  We decided we were probably cousins, we took pictures and exchanged addresses.  He said I have his mom's smile.  I love my magical world.

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