Privilege - noun \ a right granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor My amazing kid JD blows me away yet again...

So JD and I are having one of our typical coffee talks (to be pronounced C-a-w-f-e-e  T-a-w-k like your from L-a-w-n-giiiis-l-a-n-d... That's a NY joke...I love all my Long Island peeps.) Coffee talk...Ya know, where you're sittin round with a good cuppa talkin about random usually not so deep stuff.

Anyway.. a friend of mine phones.  She's upset about her niece, "Tiffany," her brother "John's" daughter (Not their real names because I don't want to put anyone on blast.)  Apparently "Tiffany," who just turned 18 last week told "John" that she has decided not to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family like she has for the past decade.  "Tiffany," like my son JD lives with her mom and her dad has had visitations with her since she was 8 when they split.  I asked my friend why "Tiffany" didn't want to spend the holiday with them and she said, "To be honest, 'John' never really spent much time with 'Tiffany.'  Every time he had her, he would drop her off with one of us family members and go do his own thing.  So now that she is of age and not forced by the courts to come anymore, she has decided she has no interest in visiting him."

When I hung up, JD asked what's up.  I definitely wanted to hear his thoughts on the topic.  He seriously broke it down to me and I had to share it with you.  These are his wise words...

"The second someone in your life forgets that it is a privilege to have you in theirs, they don't deserve to have you there because they are much more likely to take you for granted, dishonor and/or disrespect you.  People sometimes tend to take stuff out on and treat the closest people to them like crap.  They feel like since they're always around ,that it's their right or entitlement, instead of realizing that it's actually a privilege to have them in their lives.  If "Tiffany's" dad forgets that it is a privilege to have her in his life, then his actions will definitely reflect that and then why would she choose to be there?  I sure wouldn't.  Everyone needs to realize that anyone who is in their  life is a privilege, no exceptions."

I'll tell you and everyone else this JD... it's beyond a privilege to have you as my son.  Thanks for your wisdom.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... Take a moment to look at who you have in your life and count your blessings because you are privileged to have them there.  Make it a rule that the closer someone is to you, the better you will treat them and if you are realizing that you haven't been treating your peeps that way, start today.  Just as important, please know that YOU are a privilege in anyone's life you are in.  If someone is not treating you with honor and respect, I suggest you reassess and find others that will.  Trim the fat so to speak.  Remember, you just don't have to be there.

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