Ok so let’s talk about your “prayers being answered.”  And if prayer is too scary a word for you then let’s talk about asking your HP (higher power) for something.  I listened to an acquaintance bitching last week that she is trying to figure something out in her life and that she had been praying and praying and has been getting no response from her HP. She went on and on and on and on and on about how much she is “asking God” for an answer yet "getting nothing, and what is God's problem."  I listened as the (one sided) conversation seemed to never end, finding myself daydreaming as she spoke.

Well here’s the thing, your  HP has well, all of eternity to listen (and a lot more patience than I.)  So you can keep going and going and going and going if you so choose and he/she/it/they (whatever you refer to your hp as) will just quietly and patiently keep listening.  But don’t complain that, “God didn’t answer me.”

NEWSFLASH… You are so busy yammering that you don't stop to listen for an answer.  When you finally do stop,  you most likely just say Amen, Ashay or Peace out or something like that and then keep it moving through your busy day.  Epoch fail!

LISTEN UP PEEPS… A good communicator both speaks and listens.  If you’re always only talking when you pray (and otherwise for that matter) and never listening, it’s real simple, you will always get an answer but you won’t hear it.  So if you ask your HP, spirit guide(s), committee etc a question and you just want to prattle on, don’t complain don’t bitch about not getting answers but if you truly want an answer, then at some point…shut your pie hole and listen.  Your answer is always given.

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