I'd like to share with you a bit of "kid wisdom"... I got the honor of hangin with my amazing 17 year old JD the other day.  I say I got the honor because at that age, hangin with mom isn't first on their list. JD and I were running around doing errands and he was giving me a pep talk about not giving up.  This Christmas has been a hard pill for me to swallow as I am not financially in the position to do it up as I usually do.  I told him how bad I felt and he said, "Hey, don't get all depressed...it's not that deep and we've been worse off and you've ALWAYS pulled us out.  Anyway dude (yup, he calls me dude) you are choosing to live your dream.  That's big.  Remember what you've always told me and I'm gonna tell my kids and I hope they tell theirs too - 100%!...I don't care if shoveling shit is what they want to do in life.  As long as they are the best shit shoveler they can be.  Whatever it is ur choosing in life...a job, a relationship, whatever... GO HARD Ma, GIVE IT 100% and don't ever QUIT and just as important, cause you may as well quit, DON'T HALF STEP."

Nuff said!  Thanks Kiddo!

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