I was heading out for the day today and I got into my building elevator and pressed 1 to go to the lobby.  When it got to floor 3 the elevator door opened.  No one was there.  Someone had probably pressed it and then decided not to wait.  After the door closed to head to the lobby, the elevator seemed to dip just below floor 3 and then it just stopped.  Yup... that's right...stuck between floors.  I don't think it was even 3 seconds before my macho went right out the window and sheer terror set in.  My mind raced with panic.  What if no one knows I'm in here.  What if no one ever tells the super that the elevator is stuck.  What if my cell phone doesn't work.  Oh god will i suffocate in here?  Maybe I should take smaller breaths and preserve oxygen.  What if the cables snap and I go plummeting to my death or worse I don't die I just get slammed to the floor and....STOP!!! I screamed at myself.  Gem! Get it together!  I took a deep breath and got still.  I looked at the buttons and suddenly noticed that none were lit so I pressed 1 again.  Nothing at first but a few seconds later, the panel lit up and after one small unrequested detour to the basement (where the door never opens) up the elevator went to the Lobby where the doors finally opened. FREEDOM!!!!

All of this by the way took about a solid 3 minutes to happen.

I sat down in the lobby for a second, recouping from the trauma I'd just survived and thought back to a conversation I was having earlier with a friend about time not existing and creating our own realities.  Ya see, peeps, time is actually an earthly construct.  It's something that was collectively created that we all buy into as real but it actually only exists (like everything else) because we want it to, and all realities (past present and future) actually exist at the same time.  All we have to do is choose which one we want to be in.  Sounds weird I know.  Well I was trying to come up with an analogy for my friend to make it more understandable and the best I could do was to equate it to NY and California existing simultaneously.

I explained that I live in NY therefore NY is my reality yet I know that California exists as other peeps reality but it's not mine.  If I decide to make California my reality instead of NY I could choose a number of ways to get there.  NY (my present reality) and California (my future) then are existing at the same time but right now I'm giving my attention to NY (the present.) Depending on if I take a plane to Cali or a road trip there could be equated to how long it will take for me to create and step into my new reality.  She liked my analogy but I wasn't satisfied.  I was sure there was a better way to explain it.  We all know what happens next...THEY (my committee of Speople) happily facilitated the perfect analogy by getting me stuck in the elevator - gotta love em.  I thought I'd share...

Ok so like I said, it was really bothering me and I wanted to come up with a better explanation about time and choosing our own realities.  When I got in the elevator, a light bulb went off for me between floor 5 and floor 3.  Realities are actually more like floors in a building.  Ok, stay with me here cause I think this paints a better picture...

The floors in the building symbolize different realities.  You can choose any of them because they ALL already exist.  It just depends which floor you want to be on so... lets say floor 5 is your current job and you hate it.  You decide that you'd actually rather do another type of work and lets call that floor 3.  Press the button (think the thought of what you now want and focus your attention on that) take the ride between floors (paths will open in the form of opportunities to help materialize what you've asked for and take you where you've asked to go) and get off at that floor (step into your new reality.) How exciting and oddly simple no?

I had no choice but to take it a step further when the elevator got stuck.  Sometimes, on our journey from one reality to the next, we hit a hiccup (the elevator getting stuck.) We immediately begin to panic (not proud of that moment, nope, not one bit) and in desperation would settle for anything that makes us feel safe. (At the point that I panicked, I would have been happy to just be off the elevator regardless of what floor it took me to.)  This is the point where someone in a fit of panic may run back to or get into a situation for safety instead of taking a moment to be still and letting the process continue to unfold.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... Any reality you think of exists from the moment you think of it.  Ask for it and simply let the universe guide you there.  If there is a hiccup, just be still and while your journey may seem stuck, just give it a second, it will get itself together and even if it takes a detour (in my case to the basement) you will ultimately end up in the reality you have requested.

Ahhhhhh the zen of elevators huh?  Who'd a thunk!

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