Do you readily give your power away? What does that even look like? You ask.

Investing energy in stuff that isn't yours; material things or drama situations.  Power struggling over "your desk" or "your computer" at work when you don't even own the company.  Engaging in "3rd grade" he said, she said.  Trying to control someone because you are afraid they won't love you or be with you.  Building walls or holding onto bitterness from your past that blind you to great opportunities in the present. Giving away personal power only to scramble to replace it with false power like objects (that sometimes don't even belong to you.)


Listen up peeps... Your power cannot ever be taken away by anything or anyone.  YOU (and only you) have to give it away.  EVERYTHING in your reality is a choice or the result of a choice that YOU made (or are making) or focusing your attention on.  If you are giving your power away, ask yourself, "What's missing in my life that i'm trying to replace with false power?" Then give that very thing to yourself.  Take responsibility and be conscious and cautious of where YOU CHOOSE to put your energy and what YOU CHOOSE to give your focus to so that you can create the empowered reality that you want.

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