Energy and the exchange of... is real peeps I can promise you that and even though you can't see it, it is everywhere.  We can't see air, but we certainly know it exists.  Energy pure and simple is no big deal, it's everywhere, we exchange it etc, negative energy however is a whole other story.  It is no joke and can have very negative effects on us, similar to the way germs (which we also can't see) do.   Negative energy can be toxic and therefore the body reacts to it the same way it reacts to all toxins by trying to expel it.  This physically plays out as skin issues, digestive issues, internal disease or like it did in me, in excess weight.


Our bodies will go to amazing lengths to protect us so if it has to encapsulate the negative energy in fat cells to protect the rest of your body, it will.  If it has to mess up your digestive system to expel the toxins thus keeping you bathroom bound for lengths of time, it will.  If it has to break you out in acne or a rash or hives in the hopes of expelling the toxins, it will do that too.  By any means necessary our bodies will try to expel the contaminants.

Since we all to some extent empath (pull in and exchange energy with each other) many of you were moved by my blog post 2 years ago entitled "Empathing 101," and many of you have written in telling me that you use it as an everyday guide of sorts to managing energy.  Some of you have also requested that I rerun an updated version of it adding anything new I have discovered.  As per your request, I have revamped the original; it's broken up into 2 parts.  So without further delay...


I walked into the MOMA with two friends.  It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and the MOMA has "Free Friday's" so we thought we would just go (all of us being creatives) and get inspired.  After waiting on a line that wrapped around the corner, we finally along with what seemed like thousands of others entered the mammoth museum.  It had been quite sometime since I have been to a Museum.  As a kid I recall hating them and as an adult I just get a sour feeling in my stomach whenever someone suggests a trip to one.  Never really pondered why just knew it didn't entice me.  I finally realized why this day.

After about a half hour there, I started to get very agitated, started moving slowly and feeling sick.  I suddenly had of the worst headaches of my life.  My vision blurred and my concentration was shot.  I felt lost, confused, anxious, feisty, scattered, u name it, I felt it.  Then, walking from one room to the other with one friend, I suddenly felt a crippling pain shoot up my right leg to the point where I had to hold onto the wall and let the pain pass.  "Oh my god, are you alright?" She asked.   I couldn't speak the pain was so intense, I thought I may pass out.  Just then a man walked through with a cane limping grimacing in pain.  Yup, his right leg was messed up.  She looked at his leg, then looked at me holding my leg and we were both like "WHOA!" It totally dawned on me that I had forgotten to do something critical to my well being before walking into any crowded place.

I am an extreme empath.  For me, that comes with the territory of my work.  I'm often jokingly referred to in my social circle as "Bionic" because my senses are so heightened and I feel everything times a thousand.  But truth be told, we actually all empath (to one degree or another)... .As energy is never fully contained but instead exchanged relatively freely.

Derived from the word empathy, an empath is someone who is highly sensitive to other peoples energy.  As empaths, not only do we feel others feelings ( both emotional and physical,) but unless we are aware of what is happening, we tend to assume those feelings to be our own.

Many extreme empaths like myself are accused of being moody or "too sensitive.  We can go from one mood to another in a matter of seconds, usually in response to a change in environment or coming into contact with someone either in person or via electronics.  So it's like one second you are happy and then you enter a room of new people or someone new enters the room that's, lets say, sad and suddenly you feel sad for what seems to you like no reason.

When I empath, I sometimes actually take on the physical mannerisms of someone else.  It can be very uncomfortable as I don't feel at all like myself, so I feel very foreign in my own body because it's actually someone else's energy that is motivating my actions.  This can be exhausting.  Unfamiliar with the feelings many times in the past I would either get extremely lethargic, and have an overwhelming desire for solitude (probably subconsciously desperate just to remove myself from any foreign energy) which can at times be disabling

But that's not where it ends, with empathing, not only do we pull in and feel others feelings, but unless we are aware of what is happening, we are susceptible to taking those feelings on as our own and then most of the time we then superimpose them onto our life situations.  So for example, one time a friend texted me devastated because her relationship had just ended and she needed to talk.  I called her back but didn’t get her on the phone.  Within a few minutes I was slipping down a super sad rabbit hole.  For the next 2 hours I sat and reassessed MY relationship with my girlfriend at the time and even contemplated breaking up with her.  Finally another friend who I was with at the time said, "Dude, you don't even seem like yourself."  That jarred me to realize this couldn't be my energy because my relationship at the time was fine so I had to be empathing my sad friend that had sent me the text.  Had I not realized it, I would probably had started a fight that evening when I saw my girl which could have led to our breaking up.  Energy is real peeps!!!  So...


Step 1 is to RECOGNIZE that you are even doing it.  Awareness is key.  Like any condition, you gotta first see it to manage it.  Be extra alert when encountering any change of environment (which includes new people entering and exiting a scene) an electronic exchange (text, email, phone) or an in person exchange.  Notice flare ups and changes in your mood and your own energy.  A good rule of thumb is that if you think it’s someone else's energy (which usually feels like being uncomfortable in your own skin) then it probably is.  I suggest that you err on the side of assuming its not yours and do the necessary things to get rid of it, keeping in mind that whatever is yours will not go anywhere.  It's funny but no matter how funky or foul our own energy is we tend to recognize it and are comfortable in it regardless if it's good or bad.

So now that you've learned what empathing is, how to identify it and you have the first and most important step, I'm sure you are asking...


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