A Gift InDeed!

The following tale was inspired in part by the words of an elderly woman who's car I shoveled out of the snow this morning.  She said to me, "You must be an angel sent to me.  I was so scared to come out and do this today... my only brother died of a heart attack a few years ago shoveling his car out." Peeps...You never know what an act of love can do.

Once upon a time in a land far far away...

There were two Princessdoms (lands presided over by a princess.)  The land of Gimmeemore, ruled by Princess Shitonya neighbored the land of Havelot which was ruled by Princess Apprecia.  On one fateful night, both lands came under attack by a band of angry thieves who devastated both Princessdoms and took away all of their material valuables.

In Gimmeemore, Princess Shitonya, looking around at her own personal loss, takes her frustration out on her Prince Nevanere demanding, as always, "Fix this now!! I am your princess.  You are supposed to take care of me.  I have nothing now.  How will my people respect me if I have no more than they? They will see me as worthless. Go now.  Get me all of my things back and more and don't return until you do.  Show me you are worthy or I will replace you.  She dismisses him and then turns her frustration onto her handmaid, screaming orders at her so loudly that she doesn't even hear him say as he leaves, "Away. Yes, good.  I'd much rather be away from your wretchedness."

Meanwhile in Havelot, Princess Apprecia is crying.  "What will my people do?"  She asks her Prince Truhart.  "How are we to survive this?"  He holds her tightly until she falls asleep, promising, "Sleep now, my love, tomorrow will be a better day."

In the next several years, both Princessdoms  see many changes.

Day after Day Princess Apprecia along side of Prince Truhart work tirelessly with the townspeople to rebuild Havelot.  Looking over at her tilling the land, smile on her face, Truhart knows in his core that this is only temporary.  Even, still he desperately wants to treat Apprecia as the princess she is especially because she asks for nothing and expects so little.  He vows to himself that while he may not be able to give her all the riches she deserves right now, he will instead give her as many gifts of himself as he can.  His gifts will be in deed.  Every day he makes sure he tells her how much he loves her.  At the end of some days, he washes and rubs her feet.  "I am blessed to have you my prince.  Thank you.  You do so much for me and love me so well."  This only fuels him...Knowing how she loved her baths at one time, he finds an old bath tub and restores it so he can once again draw her bubble baths.  If he sees she is tired he carries her home.  Sometimes he sneaks out to the field early and lets her sleep late to make sure that when she wakes she has fresh flowers to brighten her day.  It is those very kinds of acts of love that ultimately propels Havelot in it's return to all it's glory with grace and unity.

Meanwhile, after years of conquering Kingdom after Queendom and sending back carriage upon carriage of his acquired goods to satiate the demands of Shitonya, Prince Nevanere receives word that Shitonya's mother has died in his absence and she is in a state of utter gloom.  He decides to return home to Gimmeemore.  Upon arrival he is shocked to see the still devastated condition of the peoples homes which stand in stark contrast to the now gleaming castle.  Shitonya sees Nevanere and looks hopeful.  "My prince," she says, "Have you come to make me happy?" She approaches him with her hands out and tears in her eyes.  He in turn opens his arms to hold her, "I am here now," he says.  She obligingly puts a half-hearted arm around him and pats his back.  Seeing him empty handed though, she asks, "Have you brought me nothing to make me happy?  He stares at her blankly... she begins to sob uncontrollably.  "Can't you see I'm troubled?  What have you brought me?"  She demands.  He looks around at all the treasures he has sent back to her over the years, suddenly realizing the futility of his efforts. He looks at her, "Nothing, I suppose... for you, I have nothing.  And for the sake of his dignity, on that note he leaves.

Simple question peeps which princess/prince are you?

It is no mystery to any of you, my readers, that this has been a relatively financially taxing time for me.  I have learned however an extremely valuable lesson from it, the nugget if you will...

An act of love inDEED can be much more precious than money can ever buy.  Don't only recognize the value of a gift by it's price tag.


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